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June, 24th 2012

When i was in Bandung, i talked to my friend about how many tourism site here that i never visited. Lucky me, people was so kind that they agreed to accompanied me visiting it one by one. After done with Kawah Putih, today..i went to Gua Pakar Dago with Opick Kcipo ! :D

Gua Pakar Dago - Bandung

It was actually planned with Mamih Dessy and Opick. But Mamih cancelled it on the last minute due to her health problem, show must go on. Here goes me and Opik ! hehehe

Sunday in Bandung means...traffic ! People from Jakarta came here in search of fresh air, unique food and clothes. But the result, Bandung become crowded. Plate B everywhere. Though Bandung people hate this, they should remember too that those people from Jakarta spent their money here and makes sooo many business profitable. Yes? :D

Gua Jepang from the outside

The entrance ticket costed Rp8.000,00 each person, motorcycle Rp5.000,00 but i didn't pay anything. Opick treated me, horaay ! >_<

Our first stop is..Gua Jepang. It was made back then to become a secret place for Japanese to put their ammunition and weapon. So many Indonesian died to build these, remember romusha? Japanese is really a well-know torturer. :(

Opik in the inside Gua Jepang

The cave was so dark and scary. There're actually some lamp in the inside of the cave, but its already broken or its broken on purpose, so people would rent a flashlight to local people. 

At first i thought we will survive by just counting on a lamp in Opick's phone. But after some step, i think i need those flashlight. So i rent for Rp3.000,00. Haaaa, the cave was so cold and..did i say it before? Its scary. Though its small and unfinished, walking around it feels so long. Some rumors said this place is also used as a torture chamber. No wonder i saw so many chains. hiiiiii~

We had to walk for a while to reach Gua Belanda. The walk was amazing, surrounded by lots of high tree, fresh air, great view and the sounds of the forest makes it soo..relaxing :)

We're finally arrived at Gua Belanda. It was more crowded than in Gua Jepang. The inside cave was also brighter, the wall was already cemented, some rail was also seen on some alleys. Simply said...less scary than the last cave. 

Gua Belanda - Bandung

I skipped my breakfast that day..the result? i felt so hungry ! So we went to some small stall and ate Pop Mie. The seller was so friendly. From her we knew about Curug Omas and how to get there. Most people went they by walking but since its already way we could do that. But we really wanted to go there so..we used Ojek ! Cost us Rp40.000,00 for two ways. Three in one in the uphill road, such a journey that i wont forget hihi

Unlike in Gua Belanda..this place is so quite and peaceful. Cant say a lot.. hope this picture above could help me to explain why i love this place so much :)

perfect place for family time

Curug Omas - Bandung

Monkey on the tree :D

curly tree

face stone
We met Opick's friend when we examined that stone. They said there's another entrance from Lembang which is nearer to Curug. Hmmh...time to another three in one trip ! hihi

Me and Opik at Ir. H. Juanda Monument 

We used Ojek until the parking lot. Before leaving we went to Ir. H. Juanda Monument to took some picture. And we saw so many Ministry of Finance Offiicial name all over that place. It turns out that some Finance event held not so long before that day. The place we're standing at in picture the place of the Minister. Hope someday one of us can truly take over his place. Amin :)

On our way back we saw a cute puppy ! He's having an afternoon trip. How cute :*

Oh ya, for further information about Goa Pakar Bandung, klik here . Okay for now, Good Night ! :D

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