Being Visited (Day 2)

7:49:00 AM

July, 1st 2012

Thanks to the late not-doing anything, all of us woke up late ! And i had a nightmare til i scream when i was sleeping. Hope its not too scary ya, Mih. I had so much nightmare that time :(

Anyway we spent our morning in the rooftop of Mamih's house. Bandung in the morning is freezing, things that i never felt when im in Jakarta. And the view, and the taste of sunday morning and the crazy friend. Well, just called it a lazy good morning :3

Gede and the guitar

Me and the phone haha

Topeng Monyet

Mamih the nature girl

Atang the Photographer

Asnur with the....violin wanna be. :p

That lazy morning cause us a hot yet traffic motorcycle riding to Gede's house. Fuuh, i was getting darker day by day :(  But hey, i met this cute creature in Gede's house. Let me introduce you to Atha ! hihi

Me and Atha

Cute Atha

Atha is kind of silent baby. That face is steady still no matter how you treat her. You're so cute that way though i wish you're more expressive. hehe

Because Atang wanted to met his friend in Ciwalk, we went there and separated. While he's having a mini reunion in Tree house, we agreed to fulfill Gede's desire with eating at Gokana. Oh ya, there're an exhibition on the main floor named Ethnic food. Almost every region in West Java participate in this exhibition, including Sukabumi. Yay !

Ethnic Food Exhibition - Ciwalk Bandung

Sukabumi yay !

Chef on action

Outside stall

Anyway, i met this Gulali seller while waiting for Atang. Cant help not to bought it ! haha

Gulali Seller

Me and Alfa

And i got love with Initials my name in the middle of it. Means that, i love me ! hahaha

I forgot to say that Opick is joining us since we ate at Gokana. Now after meeting Atang again, we went to Dipati Ukur cause Alfa need to get ready for her travel. Yup, she's going home and so did Atang. Our short journey is finally over. When they drive me home and i found my self alone again in my room. I cant help but panicked. 

So i went out again for dinner but still felt so cold. Sometimes even the smallest room feels to big for us to be alone, right? Thats when i adore the invention of telephone, help me so much. Thank you Mr. Alexander Graham Bell !

And thank you Atang for the picture. Except the exhibition, all the picture is taken from his camera :)

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