Workshop, Museum and Parking Lot

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July, 14th 2012

I attended a Workshop at Gedung Pramuka Menteng that day. Its about Travel Writer. Since i go out a lot recently, i guess it will be a useful knowledge for me. ehehe

The class devided into three. About the travel writer job, writing class and photography class. Oh, i went there with Atang. He's passion into Photography so i guess he'd like to join the last class. :)

Menteng in the morning

We went there too early. We're actually the first to came ! hehe Since the snack corner had't opened yet, we went around Menteng to had a breakfast. We're starving~~

Workshop Travel Writer at Gedung Pramuka Jakarta

This workshop really makes me want to travel more and be a travel writer. The speaker Teguh Sudarisman , told us how exciting his job around the world, experience the five stars hotel and spa, taste the unique food and getting paid for it. Life can't be more lovely right? haha

Teguh Sudarisman on action
He also told me how to become a travel writer, some tips and trick and  plus minus about this job. In writing class he told us how to make a good and pay-able article. Oh, we're suggested to bring our camera for photography class. I guess it will be a practical class, but it turn out not. He only told us how to capture a moment in theory. :(

I met a Sukabumi-an in this event, his name is Kang Gery. hehehe Nice to meet you, Kang :)

Museum Perumusahan Naskah Proklamasi - Menteng Jakarta

We saw this museum on our way back. Thanks to Atang who's so patiently keep accompany me during my museum tour. Even better, he took so many picture !

There're a mini library on the first floor. Inside the library there's a lot of book about this museum. I read it and its so complete. You could found the history and some important information about this building in one lil book. Too bad we cant bring it home. :(

Anyway, the ticket to enter this museum is only Rp2.000,00 ! When we're there, there's only us and three other person. So its kind a spooky because its so quite. Lucky us the security guard us and told about everything that we will never found in the book. Like how spooky this museum in the night, or the history of every room for free ! hehe

to the second floor

I love how this building cool us down when Jakarta was so hot outside. I used to visit some old building, mostly Netherlands era and always get that kind of feeling. I guess the tick building and good air circulating has something to do with it.

The red carpet stairs was awesome. From the window on the second floor, we could see Menteng area. The security told us that this area is well know as a high class residential since long long ago. Anyway, for me this floor is even scarier. I will never go there alone. 

from behind
after shalat
We went to the back of this building, and there're a mini garden. I picture this house a years before, must be so beautiful. I mean look at it now, though its old, the beauty remains. So how about back then? When this building is someone's house with a lot of helper, now you imagine your self.

Oh i totally forget, inside the first floor, there's children room filled with educational toys. The security said, the group of children came, this are probably became the noisy one. hehe This museum is quite interesting and have a complete facility. But why people dont come here? Such a waste :(

Me and Bapak Suhendrajat

I feel so happy to met Pak Suhendrajat. He's so friendly and helped us so much that. Well, thank you Sir, its a very nice to see you. :)

We went to Senayan because we saw that there's an Ice cream Festival held that day. But it turns out that the ticket price was expensive. So we ended up in the parking lot and i got a photography lesson ! From panning, how to capture a cloud and picking angles. Ha...thank your for teaching and thank you for the picture ! 

Goodnight and i'll see you soon :)

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