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August, 8th 2012

Another day with Atang. I was having a nothing-to-do morning when he asked me to accompany him to Kantor Pusat DJP. He is a PIC and got to met the lecture for signing his report. I agree as long as he drive me to find a perfect veil for my Idul Fitri's clothes. Hahaha

A funny thing happen on our way. We got trapped in traffic jam and the gas was run out. Since none of us wanted the car to stop working, we turn off the air conditioner. So just imagine how hot it was. It feels like we're in a sauna :p 

Finish with the signing thing, we went around to find the gas station and we ended up near Gandaria. But since i want to go to Muse in F(x), he agreed to turn around again and went to F(x). Yippy ! >_<

Though i didn't find the veil or clothes to be bought, i found this yummy noodle stall. Let me introduce you to my new favorite, Mie Tarik Laiker! :)

the making of the noodle
Mie Tarik Kombinasi ala Thai

Mir Tarik Kari
This noodle is sooooooo yummy ! Its solid, its chewy and come in a big portion. I was so satisfied with my order which is Mie Tarik Kombinasi ala Thai. The taste is perfect and got so many topping like shrimp and chicken. You may taste it your self. Its cost Rp31.000,00. Atang ordered Mir Tarik Kari and its yummy too. But brace your stomach, i will make you feel so full tank ! haha

Strawberry Milk Shake

Across the Mie Tarik Stall there's a beverage stall name Tekoku It had a very yummy Strawberry Milk Shake for Rp18,000,00. Try it, you wont regret. hihi

narcissism photographer 

We went around and i feel extremely love the place name Maze. So many unique stuff there. I did want to try the high slide, but yaa..save it for later. Anyone interested to join me? :p

Some Picture taken by Atang Darmawan

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