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July, 6th 2012

This is the last day of my fieldwork practice. Saying goodbye to the office member was a sad thing to do. They were so nice and i was hoping that i could be there a lil bit longer. Ya... i know its impossible that time, my report was waiting to be arranged, but everytime they pray for us to be placed back there, i said Amin whole heartly. KPP Pratama Bandung Cibeunying is a nice place to work, indeed. :)

After work we, the fieldwork practice student and the On Job Training, went to Cihampelas Walk to had a dinner together as a farewell. Im just sooo thankful they agreed to ate at Giggle Box cause i was so curious about this place. hihi

Giggle Box - Ciwalk Bandung

I looooooove this place decoration ! Cute and sweet. I bet you gotta love taking picture here, your photo will have a nice background ! hihihi

Outside room

Inside :D

We ordered a lot. From Beef Brisket Schnitzel Rp20.000,00 , Grill Chicken Vietnam Rp20.000,00, Super Duper Burger Rp30.000,00, Chicken Cordon Blue Rp25.000,00, Spaghetti Tek-Tek Gore Rp20.000,00, and Cream Cheese Strawberry Rp22.500,00. 

For the drinks we ordered Orange Guava Juices Rp13.000,00 , Orange Twist Juices Rp11.000,00 , Frappe Chocolagio Rp17.000,00 , English Breakfast Rp8.000,00 , Apple Juice Rp10.000,00 , Avocado Volcano Rp22.000,00 , Strawberry Juices Rp12.000,00 and Ice Lemon Tea Rp10.000,00.

I keep the bill so i can write it down completely ! hahaha 

Cute Menu


Avocado Volcano

Grill Chicken Vietnam by Giggle Box Bandung

Beef Brisket Schnitzel by Giggle Box Bandung

Chicken Cordon Blue by Giggle Box Bandung

Spaghetti Tek-Tek Gore by Giggle Box Bandung

Super Duper Burger by Giggle Box Bandung

Cream Cheese Strawberry by Giggle Box Bandung

Everything except my own food was delicious. The Super duper burger is...mmm, you'd better ordered the other menu, my advice. The service is quite fast and friendly. They don't even mind when we sat there for hours. hehe

Mamay, feels like my own sister :)

Discuss the menu :p

talk like no tomorrow

Thank you for this amazing month !
If this is an Olympic, each of you deserve a gold medal. Good luck and wish we could gather again in the future :)

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