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11:33:00 PM

June, 29th 2012

Time for some seafood, yaaay !
Tonight i had dinner with my friend, Reyditia who is famously called "neng". We actually plan on having seafood night before exam but we couldn't make it until that night. And its always..always..always be a good time when you're with a friend. :)

HDL 293 Cilaki - Bandung

The location is at Cilaki Street, Bandung. The place is like a big house transformed into a huge yet simple restaurant. Its a lil bit crowded but..thank God the service didn't take too long, a plus point for me. hehe 

It turns out that this place is famous with their super size seafood which I didn't know until that night. Since we didn't really hungry, we ordered only Udang Asam Manis. And when the food arrived, we're amazed by the size. Super biiiiiiiiiig !

We can't help giggling and tried our best to ate it all. When we ate, the person in the next desk was just got their food. And when we saw their amazed face (they ordered three for two person !) we just simply laugh together with them. Such a cute moment. haha

By the way, the shrimp was soooo delicious. The crispy, the sauce..its perfect. Though its quite expensive Rp65.000,00 per portion, but i guess its a worth trying. 

Good news. Me and Rere could ate it all in the end. What a crazy night, big dinner, get lost in the middle of Bandung, freezing in the motorcycle. Hahaha What a night ! :D

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