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June, 23th 2012

Finally Kawah Putih, yaaay !
Lucky me, my friend agreed to visit Kawah Putih for our trip that day. I never been there before so i was kind of over excited til i became the first to came. hehe

After having breakfast near Universitas Padjajaran- Dipati Ukur and after searching an ATM, we went there by motorcycle. My partner in crime that day is Edwin, Fahri, Mahdi, Indra and Mamay. 

took some rest at small stall :)

The sun was soooo shining that day.. But the air felt so cold and the view...well, you gotta see it your self. Beautiful :)

During the journing to Kawah Putih, i saw so many tree aside the road. So green and peaceful. Somehow, i could imagine heaven will be look like. Well, my kind of heaven perhaps. Tree, river, some rabbits, a lil house with a beloved person inside. I dont know, i feel a bit melancholy and religious that day. As i remember, i said Subhanallah a lot that day. :')

Kawah Putih - Bandung

The ticket to enter this place cost Rp15.000,00 each person. Motorcycle parking cost Rp2.000,00 and since from now on motorcycle not allowed to go up there, we pay Rp5.000,00 for the shuttle car which is extremely rush my adrenalin. The driver is crazy ! Though the road is uphill and winding, he dare to speeding ! hoho

Mahdi, me, Mamay and Edwin

Indra the korean boy :p

Fahri the arabian boy haha

Picture above is taken while we waited for other passanger. :P

The first time i realized when we arrived is...it stink ! It must be the sulfur. Fufufu~

Kawah Putih yaaaay >_<

Before the 19th century, the people around the mountain Patuha - West Java believe that there is something mystical about the mountain. There are myths about the spirits that inhabit the mountain Patuha so people are reluctant to go into the forest. This belief is reinforced by the natural incident - which is quite strange, such as a bird flying over Patuha sudden nosedive and crashed.

In the 19th century, precisely in 1837, a Dutch researcher named Dr. German descent. Franz W. Junghuhn break this myth. Companied by some native he entered through the mountain wilderness Patuha. It was there that he found a beauty, that in the future we're familiar with the name Kawah Putih Ciwidey. About birds suddenly falling when crossing mountain Patuha itself was caused by the high sulfur content in the crater smoke.

*taken from some information box :p

happy three friend haha

Mamay and me :*

In the information bow i also read that, we're not allowed playing around the crater more than 15 minutes. The sulfur will cause us some bad stuff then. But..i still played around 30 minutes without the mask and in super shining sun. The result, i felt dizzy. :(

took shelter

Mahdi crazy pose

I saw some people taking pre-wedding picture there. No wonder, it was so beautiful, the crater, the mountain..ah ! Love it hehe . Oh, they said the water in the crater can change color. Sometime its bluish green, sometime creamy brown, but mostly..the crater colored white with some thick fog on the surface. 

After feeling dizzy, me accompanied by Edwin when away from the crater. After some time and lot of mineral water, i feel okay again. After the other finished playing around  the crater, we found some bubble seller. And here come the photo session. 

Everybody loves bubble yeaaah !

fahri feels like flying haha

Oh how i love pictures taken that day. I look happy, something that was hard to see that time. It must be the bubble, or the friendship. :')

Finised taking picture, we're about to go home. But when i saw so many strawberry seller. Wait, i gotta shoooooooop ! hahaha

The strawberry is quite cheap and yummy. Ah, thank God for the day. I was happy. Also thanks to Indra, Edwin for the picture. Yippy!

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