Warung Pasta

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June, 21th 2012

It always be a good time when we met someone close to heart. I was that lucky when i met Urri, si-Ucing, my very best friend in Bandung. She study at FSRD ITB so when i took did a fieldwork practice at KPP Cibeunying we're finally consuming Bandung together.

That day..we met at Warpas, Warung Pasta which is near her college. 

Warung Pasta - Bandung

Located at Jalan Ganeca No.04, this place to my opinion is comfy enough. Though it could be better if it wasn't that crowded. But everything's clean and well decorated. Nice.

I arrived first, Ucing is quite busy with her project. While waiting, i took one-or-two picture from my chair. And when she came, i could feel the warmth in me. Aaaah, how i miss her :')

the menu

There's a lot of choices on the menu, that will  be confusing if Ucing didn't give me some recommendation.  She said most of them are delicious, makes me imagine how often she eat in this place. hehe 

But finally we ordered french fries for Rp13.500,00 , Baked prawn twist Rp25.500,00 , Mushroom Chunk M Panggang Rp19.500,00 , Ice Lemon tea and Ice Mint tea each Rp9.000,00. And she's right, everything is delicious. Forget diet, i ate a lot ! :9

Baked Prawn Twist

I was mentally shaken when i met her. And you know, somehow best friend got a power to calm us. I did some confessing, talking and crying. She's there to listen and gave me some advice. I remember what she said "In this time, you wont be listening to other people.. Just don't think about it too much, Cha. It such a waste in our ages to cry over something while there's so many thing we can do out there.." Now i listen cing, your word are true. :')

my crazy-sexy-sweet-and best of friend :*

Remember that face above, someday in the future you gotta see that face a lot ! hihi
I amazed when i saw her scrapbook, her painting skill escalating so much ! She's also told me some project she's working on. And i could only say..WOW. Suddenly i feel my future job is so boring. fufufu~

Oh well..time flies when we're having our time. We made a promise to watched Madagascar 3 together and we made it several days after.  I was sooooooo thankful having her. She knows me..best and worst, inside and outside, and still think its okay to call me a friend. Oh, while i write this post, she's at Borromeus Hospital. Lets wish she recover extra soon ! Amiin :)

Ah i love you cing. Thank you for staying the same :")

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