Kue Balok Bandung

11:37:00 PM

June, 22th 2012

Of all the sudden, KPP Karees team asked us out that day. The meeting point was at my office and i found it  nice to met someone new and be friend with them. :)

After several turning and confucing..we went around Astana Anyar and decided to eat kue balok, a food that  i never heard before.

Kue Balok Bandung

There're several kue balok seller in that area, but my friend brought us to this one. Its at sidewalk, kind of seller who's exist only at night. The made of kue balok is actually similiar to Pukis, the differences is..the stove. Kue balok made in a very traditional stove, its still using charcoal ! But no wonder, some said that the seller is already sold kue balok since 1980. 

Lots of people came to that stall. From vespa-maniac which makes me envy to the max, college student, til old people. To my surprise i met some friend from Sukabumi there. hihihi

Not only the made and the look, the taste of kue balok is also similar to Pukis, but this one is thicker and denser. Two kue balok will be enough, really. We ordered fully cooked and half cooked kue balok. To my opinion..half cooked taste better. The flavor is quite various..cheese, choco, pineapple..some seller even served strawberry and raisins. Oh, the price is Rp1.500,00. Cheap isn't?

Kue Balok

KPP Karees and Cibeunying in action

Finished eating, some members went home and some (including me) spending night at Braga Street. Gonna tell you soon. Yihaaa!

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