Islamic Karaoke

12:45:00 AM

June, 20th 2012

Me and my friend wanted to do some karaoke that day, so we searched the nearest karaoke place from our office. And we got one. It's across Bandung Indah Plaza, next to Ampera Restaurant. The place which i forgot the name has two play spot. First floor for Billiard and the second floor for karaoke. What makes it unique was so islamic. 

Fabian aka Fahri :D

Unlike any other Karaoke or Billiard spot who usually hire some sexy girls, the waitress of this place using Baju koko and Hijab. The music, ornament and poster are also religious. While karaoke-ing, when adzan time's coming, the screen gave us that information and asked us to do Salat first. So cute. :)

Islamic Poster

Though the song was not up to date, this place got may heart. Its like providing us a clean karaoke and billiard place. Like saying, muslim can have some fun too :')

Gede, me, Mira and Mahdi

Mahdi, me, Mira, Gede, Fahri and Indra in chibi style

Oh well, im lack of word right now. Mm..i guess goodnight and i'll see you soon will be better. hehe

Good Night !
Have a sweet dream ! :D

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