Serentaun Sinar Resmi

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June, 17th 2012

Oke, its been soooooooo long since the last time i blog. Well, forgive me. I was busy making moment. Someday i'll blog about it too but you gotta be so patient cause my list is getting longer by now. So, today im gonna be tell you about the cultural event called Serentaun or Harvest Party of Sinar Resmi. It happen about five month ago. Better late than never, right? hehe

Sinar Resmi is a Cultural Village. In Sukabumi there's about three cultural village which back then united as one mini kingdom. But you know how kingdom runs, powers struggle exist so they split into three, Sinar Resmi, Sinar Mulya and the biggest one, Cipta Gelar.  Every year each of them held a harvest party as a celebration of their successful farming. This year im attending two of three Serentaun but lets focus on Serentaun Sinar Resmi for now. 

Abah (the king) pun bendo on my dad's head

I went there with family. Such a long and tiring journey..thanks to the damaged road. We're arrived just in time the ceremony started. They started it with "Upacara Ngadieukeun". Let me explain. In this village they collect the rice from the harvest and store it on the 'Leuit' in this ceremony. They're prohibited to sell the rice or to buy rice from other village. But until now, they're never lacked of rice, great isn't it? And in Upacara Ngadiukeun, Abah (the leader/king of this village) and some other important person put some rice on Leuit Jimat, the biggest leuit. Some dance, song and ritual escort this event. Such a nice thing to see.

Abah put some rice in Leuit Jimat

some rice

Serentaun Sinar Resmi

well, thats my dad hihi

Pak Asep Budi, Dad and Abah

Finished the ceremony, we went to Imah Gede, the house of Abah. After everybody settled and gathered, they started the next event, entertainment. Some girls from this village sang for us, so Sundanese i might say ! hehe

Imah Gede

Time for Debus. Its a traditional, religious, extreme martial art or performance from Banten. I can called my self as a non-violence person so watching this, surely frightening me. Specially the part when toddler forced to join them, he's crying but they still cut him. God T_T


the crying toddler

this police is volunteered 

The ceremony is actually finished. While people gathered, Abah used this time to talk with his people. Some people also talk for sake of this village. How they plan to build this village, what they hope to the government, mm...anything. 

Its me on the right. Yiha ! hihi

Finish talking we had lunch together. In this moment i took a tour of Abah's house and all i can say is..this house was so traditional and simple. The same happen to the food and clothes. :D

I met Ambu, the wife of Abah. And lots of story spoken from her month. She told us the story of this village, she told us about her past life (she's a singer in Jakarta! ), about her children and about the culture they do. She's a nice yet pretty woman. Her oldest children will be entering college this year, but look at her? She still look that beautiful :)

some tourism staff, Ambu and my Mom

Oh ya ! She told me that to cook all the food served today, she's gotta fasting not only in food, also in voice and everything. Basically she's cooking alone in the room and wont go out until everything's finish. Wow.

Outside there's a performance, to my surprise, from the old people. They dance and singing together. Its so pretty, my dad even took a part of it. haha

Time to leave, there's another event we'd like to saw. So we went to Abah's room to say goodbye, there's a lot of people there while abah sat on his throne. Here's the picture.

Its the end of this post. See you soon with some surfing things ! :D

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