Quick Silver Open West Java

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June, 17th 2012

After attending Serentaun Sinar Resmi, me and my family went to Cimaja Beach to saw Quicksilver Open West Java. Unfortunately we went there too late, the tournament was already finished. But some surfer still playing around the beach so while eating noodle i took some picture. And here's some....:D

Quicksilver Open West Java 2012

As i said before, this event took place at Cimaja Beach - Pelabuna Ratu Sukabumi. For you who love surfing, this place is a must-try ! Some surfer said the wave at Cimaja Beach is...challenging. :)

Cimaja Beach - Pelabuan Ratu, Sukabumi

Oh how i love International surfing event ! It means lots of foreigner, it means lots of beach boy, it means lots of sixpack !  Mumumumu~

Anyway, it still feel funny (for me) to see bule (foreigner) eat sundanese food. Somehow the unmatched makes me wanna smile hihi

We stayed at Augusta Hotel to wait the Closing Ceremony and Winner Announcement of this event. At 7 o'clock the event started with some talk from Sukabumi Surfer Maniac, the Committee of this event, Tourism Section from the government and someother whom i forget the name or what they presented. Said that this event will become an annual event. Yay for next year ! >_<

Augusta Hotel - Pelabuhan Ratu, Sukabumi

The talk was quite long and the food wasn't ready. When i look at the surfer, i saw them in a full boring time. Yaaa..imagine, they dont understand bahasa, they also couldn't eat anything, how could they not boring? Im boring too by the way hehe

Well, good thing (or not?) the hotel served some beer already, so they could chit-chat and drink something. I just hoped they still awaked when they accepted the trophy :p

And here comes the winner !
I forgot to write down the winner's name, so i could only show you the picture, its not complete but yaaa.. hope its okay. :p

The Winner of Quicksilver Open West Java

Indonesia become an overall winner, yaaaay ! Most of them are from Bali. If im not mistaken there's a winner from Sukabumi, the name started from S. But i forgot. T_T Im sorry. :(

There's a awkward moment when the trophy for a winner felt down and they didn't prepared extra trophy. A funny moment happen when the winner and the committee wore the same dress and they asshamed about it. But after all..though i didn't see the matches, this is event is great. My father said this event get a honor as  the best surfing event this year. Wohoho, so proud to be a Sukabumi-an. :p

Enough said. see you later :*

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