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June, 18th 2012

After office hour, me and my friend suddenly want to have some coffee time. Mahdi said he has a friend who opened a coffee shop near Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (UPI), so we went there and surprisingly its Cikafe. I've heard it before from my friend's blog, she said the coffee is good. So that day i feel like wanting to prove it hehe 

Cikafe - Bandung

Lets talk about the place. Its quite small and simple actually but its comfy enough. You could choose to sit upstairs or simply on the first ground with the Barista's stall. If you're bored or having a me-time, they provide some books in the corner. Love it ehehe

books yay >_<

their tagline


When you first entered this coffee shop, you'll be greeted by lots of cute donuts. They served it as a companion for our coffee. Each of it sold for only Rp3.500,00 , quite cheap if you compared with jco or dunkin. Oh ya, we could also request the topping or decoration of the donuts for some special occasion. Its only Rp5.000,00 ! But we gotta request a day before for it. huhu

special request donuts

My donuts :*

Talking about coffee, this coffee shop using so many variant of coffee. You name it your self..papua, aceh, robusta, arabica, etc. But a lil disappointed i felt cause they dont use fresh milk, somehow coffee with fresh milk taste a lot better. huhu

Anyway, i ordered cappuccino for Rp12.000,00. It was good :)
The owner/Barista gave me a special one, with the love on the top of it ! Ah you, how could you know that i need some love? #eaah

Cappuccino by Cikafe 

Okay, this is the promised part.
The owner of Cikafe is Geris Pradhana Anindhiya, ex Ketua Osis of SMAN 4 Bandung. 
Mahdi said he's still study at UPI while running his business. Opening his own business in an early age is already a wow for me. Some moment after it, i met Edwin who is also the friend of Geris. He told me that Geris is joining scout since he was a kid, that's where he gain his business soul. From that moment he save some money and with some help, now he runs his own coffee shop. That makes it a double wow. 

Geris while making my cappuccino 

Ah, i was having a lovely time with my friends there. Talking, Eating, Laughing at each other, Taking picture. Fahri, Mahdi, Gede, Aci and Mira..oh how i miss spending all day with you now :3

Fahri, Gede and Mahdi

Its the first time for me Salat in Mesjid Darul Tauhid, Aa Gym place. Its a nice mosque, lots of ukhti i saw there, wish i could be one of them someday. Aminn :")

Mm..Its four month ago, this is the matter of writing a late posting. I miss the ambiance of Bandung right now. huhu :')

Oh by the way, you could visit @cikaffe for more information about this coffee shop. Go follow them and remember to tweet to @cikaffe if you're having a coffee time there, you'll get 10% discount directly. Yippy ! Happy coffee-ing people :D

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