Takiyo - Japanese Snack

11:42:00 AM

June, 22th 2012

Big Thanks to Allah for giving me a fieldwork practice office at the downtown. Lots of places i could visit even at dzuhur break time. Like that day, me and Mamay went to Bandung Electronic Center to buy this snack. Mamay introduce her favorite snack to me. hehe

Takiyo, BEC - Bandung

Its actually looks like dorayaki. The taste is quite familiar, yaa..the ingredients quite the same like pukis or the last kue balok. But its a bit saltier and the inside jam makes it taste even better.  

Each Takiyo cost Rp5.000,00. The flavor is quite various, cheese, chocolate, blueberry, strawberry, peanuts, apricot, green apple, vanilla, choconuts, ogura, durian, raspberry, srikaya, and taro.   

Well, thank you for introducing me, Mamay. Now everytime i go to Bandung, me and mom always took time to visit BEC and buy takiyo. Cheese is our favorite ! Yippy ! >_<

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