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The link you see above is the reason i check my email everyday. 

Well.. Not so long after my so-called-breakup, i found this blog by accident. That time, it still about Day 1. I read it again, again and again. This post really got me. I search for a 'Follow' button but i couldn't found it. So, i..subscribed. So vintage, isn't it?

I feels so old day and somehow it adds more melancholy. 

I waited day by day. Being happy and sad on the same time, happy cause there's something new to read of think about, sad because..somehow it really...Me. From my lowest moment til now that i can somehow to manage smile again.

Its not only word she writes. She writes feeling. And i adore her for that. Go visit her at @k0nnyaku.

Now the post reach day 27. I feel so sad cause i guess, the blog will stop posting something new. You may read the title, it has came to an end.

Anyway, whether you post something new or not, i want to say thank you. I appreciate you work, more than that..i love your work.  

Thank you for..guiding my heartbreak time. I owe you that. :)

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  1. wow....that a nice blog... someone who writes deep meaning. Dapet drimana blog itu?

  2. aku nemu gitu aja, lupa dr newsfeed org apa dr timeline. keren ya? :D


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