PKL in KPP Pratama Bandung Cibeunying

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June, 11st til July, 6th 2012

I've already told you how i searched a dorm for i stayed during my field practice. Now its time to told you how my field practice really was. Bahasa, i called field practice as PKL (Praktik Kerja Lapangan), to simplify this post, for the next i'll write PKL instead. Ok?

So, on my first day, soooo many people called me in the morning to make sure that i woke up on time. To be true, i was so nervous til i couldn't sleep well and woke up hours before they start calling. And the result was..i arrived 06.20 WIB. Way too early, work start at 07.30 !! hahahaha

partner in crime :p

KPP Pratama Bandung Cibeunying

It was so..awkward, sitting not knowing what to do or who to talk to. It was also weird that there're a lot of people arrived that time. Is this office employee always arrive that early? Thats my very first thought. 

To kill time, i went around and found Nasi Kuning Seller near office. Rp5000 for a yummy breakfast plus friendly chit-chat. Suddenly i remember why i want to study in Bandung when i was in Senior High. It feels like..home. Yes, Sunda is my home. :)

My First Desk and the task that followed in PDI section

Then i met my partner for this month, its Gede, Fabian, Indra, Mahdi, Mamay, Aci, Mira and Lucy. They're really nice, kinda friendable, thank God. We went together to met Kasubag Umum who later put us on different section and gave us a finger print ID. In this office, every access need a finger print. So, its a wow when we get it while other on job training from other university have to wait til someone who had ID opened the door. Hehe

On my first week, Me, Fabian and Mira placed in PDI section. The head of this section is a martial art athlete ! He didn't mind his physical disability, thats what i adore him the most. His leadership is also adore-able. He manage to raise his staff pride while other lower the PDI tasks which is recording data all day. Kinda boring isn't it? He said "Perekaman bukan segala, tapi segalanya berawal dari perekaman" (Recording isn't everything but everything started from recording). 

In PDI, there's a lot of nice old woman who served us yummy food every morning. Though the task is quite boring, im sorry..but sitting in front of computer all day long didn't fit me at all, the member of this section work really good. Til i wonder, dont they feel bored? 

Me, Gede, Fabian (Fahriiii~) at Ekstensifikasi section

Aci, Gede and Mamay

Pak Cas, A Arya, Fabian, A Andri and Lusy

On my second week, i was placed in Ekstensifikasi section. This week, nine of us placed in the same section unlike the last or the upcoming weeks. In this section we're also met our senior in STAN who was on job training. There're A Ian, A Andri, A Arya and  A Gilang. Unlike in PDI, this section didn't have much task to do. We're just making map for Sensus Pajak Nasional and..watching Avatar Korra. hahaha

The head of this section is Pak Cas, a little cute old man who had an ex-girlfriend named Raisa. Thats why he like me so much, he said i remind him to his old love ! hohohoho

Ekstensifikasi section at d'cost BIP

Due to non-hectic task and due to Pak Cas who is a real good ping-pong player, this section often play ping-pong in office hour ! Once i learned how to play, but well..i still can't do even a simple serve -__- 

Ah, how can i forget. Because nine of us gather in the same section, every lunch time we ate together in our office. Some of them bring a meal from home, whether some  i bought it from a very friendly food seller across the office. They had a very yummy buncis ! From this moment til the last day of our PKL, buncis always exist in my lunch hehe :P

And to celebrate us who finished the map so fast, Pak Cas brought us to d'cost for a free lunch. Super yay !!

A Stack of SPT in Pelayanan Section

Super huge SPT (left), the normal one in the right.

On my third and fourth week, me along with other tax specialty was placed in Pelayanan section. Because the lack of desk, me and Fabian (i called him Fahri cause im his aisyah :P) was placed in the pantry. The plus point is..its near the food+beverage stock and its kind a cornered so i feel unseen to do many things like..facebook-ing, twitter-ing, download-ing or even galau-ing. The minus point is..there's a lot of people smoked there T____T  

finally (similar to) my name !

the result of 2 weeks opening some SPT

my desk :p

I scolded in the first week on this section. Remember the plus point that i just said about unseen? because i feel unseen, i admitted i work not on my best performance. On my first day i only finished 80 SPT, in the second and third day i finished about 130 SPT each day. On my fourth day, Pak Tobi, the head of this section, yelled at Fahri who's sat beside me. Unlike me, his result of this three day consistently in 80 SPT. 

I remember how he said that day, "Whats your problem? Why finished only 80 SPT while your senior finished 300 SPT a day? ". Then he look at and ask my name, he said "If possible, dont finished under 100, okay ?". Imagine, he is a Batak-ness. There're no fun being scolded by Batakness, its scary you know. From that day, me and Fahri always finished more than 200 SPT a day. HAHAHA By the way, Pak Tobi is actually a very nice man, the often told some joke and on our last day..he even asked me to be his girlfriend ! :p

At TPT KPP Pratama Bandung Cibeunying

Cheeers :D

Unluckily, as a field practice student, we're not allowed to be placed at TPT (Tempat Pelayanan Terpadu). Its a bit interesting for me cause we're facing human, not computer. But it for later. In this PKL i dismissed the notion that field practice student will only make coffee and photocopy some document. We worked almost like other employee do ! :D

Art and Sport Week in KPP Pratama Bandung Cibeunying

my badminton style :p

ping-pong ! 

On my last week, KPP Pratama Bandung Cibeunying held an art and sport week. I experience the opening ceremonial, the fun of making yell, and the Euphoria of our mini event. It was soooo fun ! The old people feels like being young again. They having fun and thats a really good thing to saw, indeed :D

On my very last day at office, after watching some ping-pong match, to take advantage of the empty badminton court, me and some friend played badminton. I didn't notice how long i've been playing but it reached 11 am when we stopped. It takes two player changed,  my skirt ripped, and Pak Tobi worked alone to stopped us. I was so sweaty and happy, i haven't played for so long so i didnt mind to go home for cleaning and changing clothes before start to work again. Such a unexpected day !

Pak Cas and Us

Mira, Pak Tobi, Mamay and Aci
Fahri, me, Pak Budi, Mira, Gede and Mamay

Remember i said i went to early on my first day? On my last day..the finger print said i went to office at 07.29.19 ! hahaha It almost ruined my on time record :P

Mahdi and Fahri with a cool VW

Oh, the people at KPP Pratama Bandung Cibeunying was so nice. They didn't mind our age or our status as a field practice, they treat us so warm and friendly. They even prayed for us to be placed there after we're graduate. Hoho AAMMIIN :D

me and batik yay !

The facility of this office is also great, every wednesday there's a Quran recitation after shalah ashar. The speaker is different every week and give a different discourse themes. Every Thursday there's a doctor for whoever need medical service. Woow. :3

A Arya, A Gilang, Gede, Lusy, me, A Andri and A Ian

The Girls 
I remember when i say goodbye to the food seller across the office. I said im gonna miss her buncis. Her son asked me why i eat buncis everyday and didn't feel bored. I said " Gak bisa pindah ke lain hati sih" hehehe :'(

This is the end of the story of my PKL. Thank you for everyone that help me during that time. The memories of it i treasure so much. Wish we could be at the same office again, dear friend ! :D

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  1. good post, but I don't like this sentence "Unlike in PDI, this section didn't have much task to do."

    actually in ekstens there are alot of jobs... but we don't have a lot of time to explain to you...
    It's busy time yeah...?

    But I really like this.
    The head of this section is Pak Cas, a little cute old man who had an ex-girlfriend named Raisa. Thats why he like me so much, he said i remind him to his old love ! hohohoho

  2. eh?
    i guess pkl-ers didn't have much to do since it was sensus week. my apologize for my absurd sentence, Of course eksten section have so many task to do, it just that..only some who could be done by pkl-ers. im sorry pak senior :))

    hehehehe, please sent my salam for Pak Cas :))

  3. never mind... sure... I'll sent your salam to Boss... hehehe
    by the way, would you like to visit my blog and give your comment please?

  4. thank you, i've visited your blog !
    i'll make sure i left a comment in the future :)

  5. Please visit catatan ekstens (ekstensifikasi423blogspotcom) to know KPP Pratama Bandung Cibeunying activities


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