My Apologize

10:06:00 PM

First of all, let me say..Hai !

There're over 20 posts in my draft and more that 30 in my PC. That is what i called my soon-to-be-posted-item. Remember how i hate to write things out of order and how i hate to write an out of date post? Those two are not match. Thats why during my holiday i made a target, 3 post a day to finish my homework so i can write things up to date-ly. 

But then, so many thing happen. From doing college stuff, Internet problem, til getting sick like what happen today. Sometimes i write 3 or even more post a day but sometimes i write nothing at all. I do realized that my kind of post isn't that important or award-able. Its no more than my daily life, place i visited or thing i experience. I also realize that maybe the reader of my blog is only my friend, friend, friend and some other from google who accidentally found this blog. But since i love to write here and i appreciate visitor like a free gift. Here i send my apologize to you. 

Yes, i'm sorry.
Not only for being oh-so-late but also for the things i write that may cause anything negative to you. 

And..could you give me a favor?
My life feels like up and down with so many thing happen this past day. Would you somehow put me in your prayer? Strength and sincerity is what i need the most right now. 

Okay, i'm about to speechless. So enough said,
Goodnight world :)

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