My Apologize

10:06:00 PM

First of all, let me say..Hai !

There're over 20 posts in my draft and more that 30 in my PC. That is what i called my soon-to-be-posted-item. Remember how i hate to write things out of order and how i hate to write an out of date post? Those two are not match. Thats why during my holiday i made a target, 3 post a day to finish my homework so i can write things up to date-ly. 

But then, so many thing happen. From doing college stuff, Internet problem, til getting sick like what happen today. Sometimes i write 3 or even more post a day but sometimes i write nothing at all. I do realized that my kind of post isn't that important or award-able. Its no more than my daily life, place i visited or thing i experience. I also realize that maybe the reader of my blog is only my friend, friend, friend and some other from google who accidentally found this blog. But since i love to write here and i appreciate visitor like a free gift. Here i send my apologize to you. 

Yes, i'm sorry.
Not only for being oh-so-late but also for the things i write that may cause anything negative to you. 

And..could you give me a favor?
My life feels like up and down with so many thing happen this past day. Would you somehow put me in your prayer? Strength and sincerity is what i need the most right now. 

Okay, i'm about to speechless. So enough said,
Goodnight world :)

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  1. I pray for you :) I think blogging is not always about posting award-able thing. Sometimes to post any idea from our head even though we think it is an unimportant story to tell also means something to the readers. They have different perspectives haven't they? Get well soon!

  2. hey, thank you T___T
    A very sweet of you..huhu

  3. sama2 :) btw belom capacity building ya? Hehehe

  4. belum, kebagian gelombang dua. tuh tingkat 2 kan ya?

  5. Semangat taun terakhir !

    Suka design ya? Bikikn design kebaya dong..#eh :p


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