STAN Art Festival

11:43:00 PM

May, 26th 2012

An Art Festival in my college, yay >_<

STAN Art Festival Jakarta

This is maybe the first event that held in Student Center in my college, if im not mistaken. My junior is one of the committee so i know how hard they prepared this event. Well, salute to all of you, the committee. :)

run down event
As you see above, the event divide into day stage performance and night stage performance. I went there around four and is a bit quite, dont know why. And the first thing i saw was...this. 

On the terrace some people are doing their painting and..its great ! Too bad i didn't see when they're already finished their work :(

The committee really take concern in decoration. i love the whatever-it-called ornament which is hanging and has a lot of paper swan. I also wrote down my name on the place they provide. Its too big, the hall was too big for this event. So it feels like empty though they already put much decoration.  

There're several stall in the hall, but Mafos, college photography group, stall took my eyes. They really is did a very good job. Wish i could take a picture like that in the future. Amiin :)

The Soul of Magnolia

Me along with my dorm's friend watch "The Soul of Magnolia" and they're great. We event did some awkward move called dancing while they performed. Oh the saxophone player is great ! On our way back to dorm, we saw them and..we took picture together. But i forgot where i save it. :(

I came back for the night stage performance and watched Extra Large. This band is really "large" especially their body. This is the first time i saw a band that give out food on their performance. Hahaha 

I had a good night. Extra Large save this event.
Once again. Thank you for the committee, hope next year will be better :) 

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