Soto in front of Harmony

1:37:00 PM

May, 26th 2012

Its my dorm favorite, Soto in front of Harmony Department Store. Its cheap, had a yummy sosis solo and iced orange aannd..its near. Hahaha

Soto Harmony - Bintaro

Sosis Solo

For soto, you only pay Rp3.000,oo for a bowl. Sosis Solo, my favorite, Rp2.000,00 and Iced Orange Rp3.000,00. Sooooo cheap !

But i dont really like this soto..why? because the lack of the meat ! Hahaha
Thats what you get if pay only Rp3.000,00, chaa.. :p

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  1. dagingnya absen dulu diganti ama sosis ,tpi harus bayar lagi ... waaaah ,yg jual pinter :D


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