Martabak Sambas

1:45:00 PM

To late for dinner, but who dare to resist Martabak telor and Sate temptation?

Sate and Martabak Telor Sambas

Martabak Telor Seller

This food stall located in front of SD Sambas, thats where the name came from. They only exist at night, in the morning i bet there's a lot of children playing around this area. Mmh..its near Gandaria City, only took 5-10 minutes from there.

For a portion of martabak telor you have to pay Rp32.000,00 and for the sate every 10 skewer you have to pay Rp 20.000,00. You could choose sate ayam, sate kambing or sate jeroan. I dont eat goat so i only taste sate ayam and it taste..really delicious ! The martabak telor is also great. Oh how i love this place !

In this place there's a lot of sate teller but i tell you this. The yummy one is the one that sell in front of SD Sambas. Tips for you : bring some coins and anti mosquito lotion, there're a lot of street singer and of course.. mosquito !! :P

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