PSK Puncak

2:15:00 PM

Another sate haunting, this time we went to..PUNCAK !!

arrival moment

Its my first time go to Puncak in motorcycle. One word to describe it..freezing. We went there on several bike and now i know the feeling of touring. But freezing still -___-

To be honest, sate PSK doesn't taste so good, sate sambas waaaay more delicious. But i guess they win on the view. Of course, Puncak Pass at night served a very beautiful view to see.

Mesjid Atta'awun - Puncak

Visited Mesjid Atta'awun for shalat isya. There's a night market that fortunately sold gloves. Help me on my way back :D

Me and Dessy

On our way back, one bike got problem on the tire. So we have to search for an open repair shop and waited till the tire is ready to used again. Me and some friends felt asleep while waiting. 

Oh ya, we also visited Istana Bogor and i met some deers ! Hahaha It was so fun !

Okay, it the end of our short trip. Time to say, I'll see you soooooooooon :D

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