Mie Kocok Gang Cereme

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May, 23th 2012

Who love Mie Kocok? 
I said "Me and My Family!!" hahaha

If you dont know, mie kocok is a traditional food from Bandung. All my live i've tasted lots of mie kocok because my parents are the big fan of it. In Sukabumi there're several mie kocok seller, but this one, to our personal taste..is the most delicious. :D

The Location


The location is in front of the alley but its quite clean. About the seller, we have know the seller since i was a kid. Some month ago, one of the seller passed away. She's so kind, a kind of lovely granny. I thought it would be over, thought they wont sell again but Thank God, the daughter replace her and they go on selling.

Mie kocok gang cereme - Sukabumi

So here come the food. Every bowl cost Rp10.000,00. If you want some rice. they also provide timbel for Rp2.000,00. I dont have to say the taste, right? Since its my family favorite, i guess you could conclude your self. hehe

The plus point is, they made the tomato sauce them self, they used a fresh meat as well as the noodle and tauge. Ah you better try your self :D

Mom, Dad and Sister

Oh, it was such a lovely day. The sky was so clear and i cant help my self not to capture them. A very good family time plus a very lovely day. How could i ask for more? :)

Okay, see you on another post :D :D :D

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