Classmate and Old fashioned Snack

2:11:00 PM

There's a futsal tournament in my college for tax student. Its actually an annual event but only in this years i watched the match. Blame my laziness, hehe

I never though that a port could uniting a whole class. Well, this tournament required every team to brought minimum eight supporter. And since my class wins several time til we reach the third position, my class agreed to rotate the member to watch the match. But in the end, the rotating is no longer exist, in the end almost a whole class watched the match and feel the euphoria. It brings us together, indeed. Ah, so glad to be part of you guys. And congratulation ! We're win already ! :D

Hendik the Captain

Anyway, after the match we went to Aji's place and guess what? They boys found this !


 Oh my God ! I never seen this food for a very long time. Suddenly i miss my childhood. huhu


The tasted is quite the same like some years ago, the small spoon, the packaging..aah, could it be that someone is already made the time machine and went back all the way for this old fashioned snack? hahaha just my random thought :p

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