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Who love pancake?
Obvious answer, ME !!!

Recomended by my friend, Indra, i visited this pancake house in Pondok Indah Mall. And, im in love at the first sigh with the interior. :*

Pancious - PIM

Ah, too bad i didn't capture much :(
Well, all i can say is, the room design to feel homey. the red sofa and red so-called window makes this place stand out. Mm..there's smoking and non smoking room, since its kind a crowded when i was there and i didn't want to wait, so i sat in smoking room, hmmh..not a very good choice. :(

Tiramissu by Maqui's

A friend gave me this tiramissu and grape jelly by maqui's. The grape one is lovely but the tiramissu somehow too bitter. But, thank you anyway, A :D

Blueberry Cheese Pancious

Oke, here comes the review.

The service is quite fast and what i love about this place is, they put attention in small detail like tissue, wet tissue, spoon and knife, yaa small thing like that is ready in our table. 

And the pancake taste so yummy. The pancake was so soft and smooth, the ice cream and blueberry jam was in perfect balance. I ordered the double pancake, and i was so full tank. A single one could be enough for you guys :D

The Mojito was refreshing. Its a bit sour but it help so much for the moment after eating too much sweet. Cant imagine if i ordered a sweet beverage, nauseated maybe? :s

Anyway, to my personal taste..the same pancake in Nanny's pavilion taste more delicious and cheaper than in Pancious. This place is kind a expensive. For pancake you have to pay around Rp30.000,00 - Rp 50.000,00. The blueberry cheese above cost me Rp35.000,00. The Mojito, well i forgot the exact price, but its around Rp20.000,00. 

If i asked whether i'll go to Pancious again or not, i'll say "YES !". There's a dink that i really want to try called Fresh Fruit Ice Tea Cocktail. I heard its really yummy. So, anyone interesting ? :P

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