Happy Iedul Fitri :)

11:34:00 AM

August, 19th 2012

Taqqaballahu minna Wa Minkum. Minal Aidzin Walfaidzin People.

Eidul Fitri marks the end of the month Ramadhan. The end of fasting and the emergence of a clean soul. Its a celebration of devotion, dedication, sincerity and honesty which the ardent disciples show during the month of fasting. Lets forgive each other and come clean. Will you? :)

Well, i'll share some picture taken on my Iedul Fitri day. Happy happy happy Iedul Fitri :D

Palabuan Ratu Beach at 5 am.

Salat Ied at Mesjid Agung Palabuan Ratu

My Favorite ! Some Balloons :D

Sisters :)

Style Inspiration mode : ON

My Brother at Bupati's place 

All smileeee at Bayu Amrta hotel

This one taken by my father :D

Palabuan Ratu Beach

The handsome boy, Syafiq at Nene's house

Lala, nene and Ama

Food ! Ciwang, Mi Leos, Ketupat and es buah :)

Well, that the only picture i could share about this holy day. Ah, i love the warmness, togetherness, a-lot-of-food-ness, and the THR-ness. :p

How bout yours, people? Should be as happy as im, right? Its our victory day as a Muslim :)

Again, Happy Iedul Fitri >_<

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