Dianty Birthday - Strawberry Time

4:00:00 PM

April, 15th 2012

When you wake up sun will shine. We will not go under any cloud. 
Let balloons go up in town. Ring out every bell.
Happy birthday, beautiful.
All the bird of this day. Sing a song, sing a song.

So, its a surprise birthday celebration for Titik, my very cute best friend. I went from Sukabumi to this place called Strawberry Cafe. (Actually i've review this place before. check here ). I didn't know that having a birthday celebration at this place would be that complicated. First we have to order food and beverage for everyone that coming. Since i don't know exactly how many people that will coming, this is kind a suck. Second, we have to buy whether party popper or spray for at least Rp90.000,00. And the last, i've told them how we want to surprise her, but they are too busy to listen and naah, im just a bit mad. Thank God Uma arrived fast enough, she came all the way from Bangka and help me with this confusing thing. In the end we bought 3 party popper, strawberry spaghetti and strawberry float. So much for strawberry !

After a while, Haekal and Johny arrived. We're so ready to surprise Titik and Voilaaaaa..here comes the birthday girl ! hehehe

Ratih and Mona asked Titik to accompany them for buying some cakes. She dressed so homey, she didn't bring her wallet and she even wears slipper. HAHA This really surprise her ! :D  

Strawberry Spaghetty

Its a matter of satisfaction to make a success surprise. To see her look and a relieve that everything runs as we plan. All those confusing before feels like dissappeared. 

After eating, we play several games and those picture below is the one we took after a game, those clips is just another punishment besides powder. I dont feel like uploading the picture of us in powder because somehow i looked like ghost. fuuu~

And, i tried Jumanji again !
Its really for you dear Onni. Hmmh..the set is changed. In my opinion back then is a lot more scarier. Those labyrinth idea is great but the fear felt more in the old set. But still, i feel like spooky when i tried to sleep. 

Haa, thank God everything goes right. Hope you like it Onni ! 
And Happy Happy Happy birthday to you. All the best wishes and pray for you :*

P.S. Postingan ini sudah diedit demi menghargai rekan-rekan yang saat ini sudah memutuskan berhijab. Terima kasih :)

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  1. Happy b'day to you, Dianty :D
    Wish u all the best :)

    Btw, i just want to know, how the taste of Strawberry Spaghetty? :p

  2. Haaa....thank you ;). Its a bit sour, mmh..but still yummy. :D it countain chicken and brocolli. Try it your self hehehe


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