Pringgandana "Perjalanan Cinta Nusantara"

11:20:00 PM

April 21th 2012

10 traditional dances, drama, gamelan sunda, kecapi, angklung, sinden. What if all of that combine in one event ? The answer is.. PRINGGANDANA.

Pringgandana STAN 2012

Another great event from my college. Its a single performance from the one and only traditional dance and music group in STAN. Its such a wow thing if we considered this group is newly exist this year. In fact, i applied to join them but i couldn't make it in the end. Watching this, burn me in regret. huhuhu :(

Full dancer :)

This show is about a prince who is looking for his princess all over this country. She's been kidnapped by a bad yet ugly king. In every place the king visited, they show a traditonal dance and music from that place. In the end, the prince get the princess. So fairytale, huh? But really.. this Rp 10.000,00 ticket feels too cheap compared to the beautiful show. 

Feri, Sari, Elok, Uma and

...., me and Rizka !

Some of my friend participated in this event. I feel so envy as i watched them dance in a beautiful costume. And guess what? I recognized this cute girl in the stage, Rizka ! Oh my, what in the world that she couldn't do? writing? dancing? cooking? errrrr...teach me some, master ! :3

Aaah, such a beautiful night :)

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