After Uas Their Birthday

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May. 16th 2012

Do you remember our old friend like coklat ayam jago, rokok-rokok-an, and telur cicak? Or, do you love eat some homey yet delicious food? I bet you gotta love this place ! :3

Kedai Bi Broto

As usual, after exam we (my love-to-study family) had some lunch together. Its like a celebration to finally have plenty time again for doing anything than just study all night long. Usually, we had lunch at Hoka Hoka Bento, i dont know why but we always ended up in that place. But this time, we went to Kedai Bu Broto.

Old Time Snack

inside sneak peek 

mini play ground

So, three of my friend had their birthday lately. Its Yandri, Alfa and Atang. is like a treat from them to us. Yaaay, who said that there's no free lunch? haha

Free Snack

another free stuff :3

I love this place so much. As you see above, its a mix of batik, other cultural stuff and old time. The building is on the fine size, not too crowded and has their own trademark. They also provide pool and mini play ground in case the visitor bring kids like me  or like us. And to my favorite, there's a lot of wood everywhere ! Super comfy >_<

forget-the-name baverage

Orange juice and Es teller

Another plus point. This place serve a free snack which is sayur asem and kerupuk with the yummy sambal. Both taste good, We could take as much as we want. Woaah..student will love this ! hehe

Tutut :9

Nasi Rempugan

Talking about food. This place serve some Indonesia food in a friendly price. Almost every paket nasi cost Rp 20.000 on average. And it come in a big portion and taste homey, perfecto !

After eat, we had some fun time. For teasing each other, playing in the mini play ground and fishing, taking so many picture and of course laughing a lot !

Boyband wanna be, atang day yandri and gede

I was having a really good time with them. Thinking it will be hard to find a time like this again makes me a bit blue. You know its our last UAS. After this there'll be no more study together til late night or ther're no more kisi-kisi or stress over exam together. Ah save it for later. Today i just want to say..

I wish you all health, joy, peace and love in your life. Wish good thing always be around you. And thank you for the lunch, i was really fulltank. haha

P.S. Postingan ini sudah diedit demi menghargai rekan-rekan yang saat ini sudah memutuskan berhijab. Terima kasih :)

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