In Search of a New Dorm (1)

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June, 8th and 9th 2012

Ah, i remember it so much. I went to Bandung at 8th in the morning, puffy eyes, shock, hurt and in need for a runaway. Thought i said i will go back on the same day, i said to my self that i wont. I just didn't wanna be home at that time. 

I missed the first field practice meeting due to the traffic jam. Rere, the one who i booked to pick me up at the station suddenly couldn't make it. But thank God, Opick was able to pick me up and escorted me to find a dorm for i stayed during my field practice. 

So, after several turn and lots of asking..we, by accident, met Mamih who had breakfast in Madtari. Opick is the one who recognized her even though he drive. Such a coincidence, isn't? So we had breakfast together and later separated cause Opick have to Shalat Jumat.

Madtari Toast

Me and Mamih went to Wastukancana and got one dorm. It soooooooo comfy. New building, lots of empty rooms, but unfortunately minimum rent period is two months. The next day we went to near Mesjid Al-Ukhuwah. We found one, but 9 of 10 rooms is used by boys, ugh. Suddenly, i met my senior from Sukabumi. Its A Ian and A Andri which is mean..another help. :)

Sop Buah Salsa - Bandung

Tired and thirsty we went to this juice stall and suddenly felt in love with this beverage called Sop Buah Salsa. Salsa is the name of the seller. Its like a normal sop buah with different dressing. If the normal one use milk, this one use juice. And you can choose what kind of juice that you like. Interesting..:D

Sop Buah Salsa with Orange Juice

Sop Buah Salsa with Strawberry Juice

The fruit is so fresh and yummy, the juice make it even better. Bu Salsa is a very friendly person, you would love to sit and talk to her for hours. Oh ya, the price is quite cheap, its from Rp6.000 til Rp 15.000 depend on what kind of juice that you choose. Really recommended. :)

Mie Baso Mantap Solo - Behind BIP

The next destination is..Bakso seller ! Huwahahaha
They said, Bakso behind Bandung Indah Plaza (BIP) is famous and had a yummy taste. I didn't expect it takes place in small yet crowded tent so i was really surprised when i saw it.  

The seller prepared bakso super fast and in super lots of portion. The buyer sit only is simple seat with bakso in their hand. There's no room to put your bakso in anywhere else but there. While waiting i wonder why so many people came here and didn't mind with the small tent and those bakso-in-hand, i bet the bakso taste really good and...yes, it is.

Every bowl cost Rp10.000,00. I bet you'd love to taste it your self. Another really recommended place to eat from me :D

Oh ya.. remember the name "Mantap Solo" if you decided to try it. It located in the furthest from the parking lot. There's a lot of bakso seller in that place. So, make sure you come to the right place :)

Dago Bowling - Bandung

Oh ya, i finally found two dorm that fits me. While waiting my parents came, we went to Planet Dago and played Bowling. Yay, finally ! :D

A Andri and A Ian had left to their dorm already, so its only me, Mamih and Opick. It was me and Opick first time so we were screw up at the first try. The different is..on the second, third and so so, Opick is getting better, he even made a Strike. And me? My best score is only when i hit 9 pins. Mostly i hit nothing but air :(

Mamih and Opick

our score :p

My parent came and we made a decision about where i would stay for this month. After put my stuff, we went to Mamih's house cause i didn't wanna sleep alone for that night. Really, solitary is something that i really avoid that time. 

Well, Its nice to see my parent met Mamih's, so much talking. That's what happen when sundanese people meet each other. Feels like old friend! hahaha

And it more than nice to had someone to hold to when you had nightmare, someone who listen, not judge. Someone who is willing to be there event when you said you're okay to be alone. 

Hatur Nuhun, Mamih.. :'(

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