In Search of a New Dorm (2)

10:08:00 AM

June, 10th 2012

I actually had a dorm already but doesn't matter, i still used that title haha

So in the morning me and Mamih went to her garden for breakfast. Such a long way to go. Her mother and father was already there hen we arrived. They take car of the garden and its a really good thing to see. Such a humble and happy family. :)

Mamih take me to inside the chicken house to feed them. I was so scared for the first time, and remain still until the last time, the chicken was wild. They were pecking me ! huhu :(

So we had breakfast together and later went to Mesjid Al-Ukhuwah to meet Bandung field practice member. I went there too late, some of them were already gone. But i met Edwin, Gede and Opick. Then we went to Pasar Baru together to buy some shirt and batik. It was so crowded, indeed. But i found some thing to buy, yaaay :D

Finished shopping we went to Semar Street near Pasirkaliki to ate Mie Kocok. Edwin said this seller is his favorite cause its clean, its yummy and its cheap. hehe

Mie Kocok Semar - Bandung

my brother :p

The seller is so friendly and indeed, the mie kocok is super yummy. Its only Rp13.000,00 per bowl. Hoaaah, this is the benefit of having local friend. They guide you to the right place ! hihi

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