RM 101 Cirumput

12:28:00 PM

June, 3rd 2012

My Mom found another recommended place too eat. So on our Sunday Morning she asked us out for breakfast. I dont know how she found this place, its quite far from our home. Guess it'll be like fancy restaurant or so so, but when i came..its a small yet simple restaurant.

RM 101 Cirumput

the food

She said ayam opor in this place is delicious. But i choose a forbidden food, babat. Dont know why i feel like wanting this food so much. Well, i did taste another food too, from my family's plate and everything's yummy. Note to my self : Dont ever underestimate Mother's recommendation. hahahaha

some snack they sell

Well, this is gonna be one of our favorite place. Its cheap and yummy, though we have to travel about 30 minutes headed Cianjur but ya..its worth it. hehehehehe

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