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So, i went to this place with my friend, Atang, after some monthly business. We chose this place because, its eye-catching. hahaha

Roppan - Gandaria City

So cozy isn't it?

And, the cuteness isn't finished. Look at this eating utensils. Me want to take it home~

Since none of us even been here before, it took sometime and lots of question to the servant until we're ready to order. And we ordered Green Chahan ( the best seller on this place ), Minchi Katsu Bento, Fruit Angel Honey Toast and Iced Lychee Tea.

Green Chahan - Roppan

Minchi Katsu Bento - Roppan

The Green Chahan is unique. Roppan is a japanese restaurant..but, this Green Chahan contains teri belado kacang. Also, the sambal tasted so Indonesia, sambal terasi. There's also some chips and chicken katsu. Another uniqueness is..the rice, the green rice. It tasted fresh and yummy. I bet there's a orange leaf in it. So recommended !

My bento tasted like ordinary bento. But its in a huge portion and added some miso soup. Hoka Hoka Bento still tasted better, for me.

The most expensive mineral water haha

Fruit Angel Honey Toast

Now let me present you the Fruit Angel Honey Toast ! As you see, there're three scoops ice cream on the top of it. We chose Matcha Ice cream, Ogura Ice cream and Vanilla Ice cream. Yup, we could choose the flavor. Since i don't like green tea, the matcha one tasted..awful. Its bitter. But Ogura and Vanilla tasted so great. The toast is yummy and the strawberry made it even better. hehe

Honey Toast heaven :*

The price, Green Chahan costed Rp 26.364,00 , Minchi Katsu Bento Rp29.091,00 , Fruit Angel Honet Toast Rp35.000,00 , Mineral water Rp10.000,00 (Damn !) and Iced Lychee Tea Rp15.000,00. It exclude tax by the way. 

Its kind a expensive, i know. But the ambiance and the (several) food is worth the price. Haaap, need to skimp a lot for this yummy honey toast ! hehe

Aaaaarrggghhhttt !

This is the problem of reviewing food not on the moment after eating it. I feel hungry ! And i want those  honey toast again ! fufufu~

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  1. Wow... it's a nice place!
    Where's the Roppan? Is it in Indonesia? Hhmm... let me guess, Bandung???

  2. Well..roppan has their branches in several mall. In Bandung, they have their branches in Cihampelas walk. But, those picture taken at Gandaria City, Jakarta Selatan. hehe

  3. Hhhhmmm...
    Hopely them will have new branches in Medan :D


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