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Katsu, Ramen, Soup Miso, Udon..Sounds familiar eh? 
Hehehehe, Are you a japaness food lover reader?

I bet you've already tasted this newly open restaurant in Bintaro Plaza. Yup, its Gokana. For my review today, i'll write about Gokana Branch in Bintaro Plaza. Ready?

Gokana - Bintaro Plaza

As you see below, the place is quite cozy. I love the green touch from the plant and sparkling lil lamp, make the ambiance kind a sweet. They provide outdoor and indoor seat. Unluckily, the indoor seat is already full when i was there, so i could only catch an outdoor one. 

A plus point for this restaurant, they serve a free welcome snack. You could take it as much as you like. But i dont like the snack, somehow its too oily. No good for health :D

I didn't order ramen because..it doesn't suit me well. I prefer indomie insted, haha. So i ordered Chicken Ebimaki and Konyaku Freshly as a dessert. Chicken Ebimaki is, a small place contain veggie and chicken teriyaki plus another plate of Ebimaki and salad, and served with rice. It costs Rp16.365 exclused tax. I love the fact that there's a veggie inside but they served it (again) too oily. Huh :( . Konyaku Freshly is like a glass of jelly, longan and fresh syrup, yummy. It costs Rp9.091 exclude tax.

Chicken Ebimaki

Gokana Ramen

Konyaku Freshly

My friends ordered several ramen, i tasted it and its fine. But still didn't fit my appetite. Oh yaa, i went there with Uma, Ratih and Titik.

Oke, after all this restaurant is worth to visit. They provided a cozy place and frugal package beside their a-bit-expensive menu. Their service is a bit slow but i believe its because of the high number of visitor, newly open remember? 

But still, hoka-hoka bento is way better, for me. Just my personal opinion. hehehe
So, who wanna enjoy some japaness food? :D

P.S. Postingan ini sudah diedit demi menghargai rekan-rekan yang saat ini sudah memutuskan berhijab. Terima kasih :)

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  1. Hhhhhmmm.... like so cozy :D
    Waiting again for your recomended food or other resto :)

  2. hwaaaaah..
    thank thank thank you for kindly visit me again. I wont disappointed you. Be ready soon, another post its on the way :D


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