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11:07:00 PM

Hai hai hallo :D

Its been a while since my last post. So i'd like to tell you whats going on around me. Ready? Yay ! :D

1. June 11th til July 6th i was in Bandung for my fieldwork practice. Its at KPP Pratama Bandung Cibeunying. Its such a runaway for me, really. I'd never imagine how thankful i'm to be placed there, not Sukabumi, not Jakarta. People are so nice there and i began to remember how much i love Bandung. The ambiance, the food, the culture. I've visited some place, but still Sunda Land is my favorite place to live. Oh yes, I've visited some It place there, gonna tell you soon ! ( But the waiting list is so damn much huhu~)

2. I finally get Dove body lotion. Totally worth the wait !

3. Been watching Avatar the Legend of Korra. Its so exiting, especially when you watch it on the office and play hide and seek with the head of section.

4. Super thanks to the mother speed at office connection, i really enjoy hearing the latest Maroon5 album. Go try to hear Payphone and Beautiful Goodbye. So damn eargasm :D

5. If you're in Bandung and somewhere near Bandung Indah Plaza, u'd love to visit Micyelle Counter. So much good thing to see-or buy :-P

6. My sisters is finally a high school student ! I helped her to prepared the new-student orientation. Its tiring but its kind a fun. Remind me of six years ago when i first experience high school. Well, what can i say except "Welcome to the happiest moment of your life !" ? hehe

7. July 11th is My Father birthday ! And he celebrated it in overseas. Ugh, i envy him. Mpah please kindly forgive your daughter for not being there when you're home, for not being there when you blown the candle. I'll make up soon. :'(

8. If you love Korean drama, try BIG. Its such an addictive serial. Gong Yoo is so handsome <3

9. I bought some pedicure set. On my first try, i ended up hurting my own nails and its bleeding in three different place. :'(

10. I loss 1,5 kg !! Yaaaay >_<

11. People are so different. We see things differently, even when the object is the same. 

12. Its been such a busy day for me and for most third grade student in my college. We're making a report about our fieldwork practice. Its been my second revision and i hope there'll be no third time. Tomorrow i'll meet my lecturer, hope i could get her signature. aamiin.

So, if tomorrow i could get the signature, be ready for the marathon post ! hehehehe

See you extra soon >___<

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