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Bandung oh Bandung..
who doesn't love Bandung?

Well, after this mid exam, me and some of my friend experience Bandung together. We planned to visit Dessy's ( Mamih ) house. Such a very short trip, only a day and night. No much to tell except i had a very good time. :)

Delicious Bolu Pandan Keju

We arrived the moment before Salat Jumat. While the boys salat, we, the girls went to Mamih's place ahead. The sun was shine so bright, we're afraid we'll be tanned if we're insist on waiting the boys and went to Mamih's place together. Not everyone want have Farah Quinn's skin you know. hehe

Mamih and Teh Leha

Instead went out and began the journey, we just stay home and watched Indonesian Idol together. Maybe its an after exam effect, i assume. We're tired and the journey before plus the unfriendly weather makes it even worse. So stay home became a very considered choice. By the way Regina was singing "Someone Like You" so damn perfect. Love it <3

Gede's grandma house

In the evening, we're finally went out. Oh i haven't told you who we are, its me, Sari, Dessy, Retno, Alfa, Fahmi, Gustian, Atang, Gede, Yandri and Refday. Our first destination was..Gede's grandma house. Well, what can i said? Its a house of art. Lots of painting hanging on the wall, even a lots more in the show room on the second floor. The painting studio, the Bonsai garden, Oh i should've mention my dream bed room on the first place ! Really, this family is gifted. Every member has an art skill. Super wow.

Surabi Imut - Bandung

After that, we went to Surabi Imut Rumah Imut near Enhai. You might know it as Surabi Enhai. For you who dont know what surabi is, its like a sundanese pancake. Originally it has two flavor, oncom and kinca. But now days it has so many flavor like strawberry, blueberry, cheese etc. Yaa, modernization :p

cadburry hot chocolate !

Ah, my stupidness.
I forgot to capture the surabi. I was so hungry so i just ate it. I ordered Chicken flavor and tasted so good. I tasted the other surabi from durian, ice cream, all tasted delicious. Recommended place :D

Actually there's a third place, its Caringin Tilu. But i haven't get the picture yet. Soon i'll post it. Okay?

P.S. Postingan ini sudah diedit demi menghargai rekan-rekan yang saat ini sudah memutuskan berhijab. Terima kasih :)

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  1. pengen pergi ke bandung, main ke teman blogger dan makan masakan khas sana ..

  2. hahaha
    sama, saya juga pengen kesana lagi :)


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