Fesbudnus 2012

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April 1th 2012

Old man say, the young generation is already forget our culture. Well, old man..you're gonna say it differently if you see this annual event in my college, Festival Budaya Nusantara.

Several year before, this festival is named Heritage Organda Expo. Well, name can change but the trade mark of this event still remain. Long before this day, the committee choose Putra Putri Nusantara to compete in this final day. They're judged based on their performance and their knowledge. As you know, my college Sekolah Tinggi Akuntansi Negara is consist of student from all over Indonesia. They gather here and made their own club. Thus, this club will send their best female and male to join this competition. And for this year, the trophy goes to Lampung Club. Congratulation :)

Fesbudnus STAN 2012

Not only that, the club is also compete to get a stand for introducing their own culture. Each year, the club is always changing. Due to the lack of space, only a club with a strong vision and unique performance that'll have a stand for their own. Usually they decorate the stand with the characteristic of their place. They also sell food and some handicraft from where they come from. 

Every year, this event is never lack of visitor. This is a good sign that youth is now aware to their culture. While Putra Putri Nusantara and the stand being judged, there's a dance near the main stage. So beautiful. Oh, those picture bellow is capturing me and Titik with some Putra Putri Nusantara (PPN). A bit narciss should be okay right? *smirk*

with PPN Kalimantan Barat

And now its time for some local culinary.

Es Cingcau from Bandung

Mi Kuning from Riau

Pempek Palembang

Bandeng from..i forgot -___-

I might say that each food is unique, from the taste, the look. Oh how could i forget to say how rich Indonesian culture ! Is there any nation who have a billion local language, hundred of local dance, lots of local song? Oh and the food? the dress? Should be more proud to be Indonesian from now on.

For the closing ceremony, we invite Barry Likumahua Project (BLP). Some student might haven't know this band that night but im sure, after that night they'll search their song and start to like them. For our surprise BLP bring along Mike Mohede to our stage. Double wow.

Like they always do, before singing the vocalist will say something like...mmh, 

"Lagu ini buat lo semua yang masih ngarep sama dia, dia yang udah jadi pacar orang. Lo ngrasa kalo lo yang lebih layak di sisinya daripada cowok itu. Seandainya lo yang jadi cowoknya, lo bakal selalu ngebahagiain dia, lo gak bakal bikin dia nangis...."  

Thats before they sang Saat Kau Milikku.

"Orang yang bilang kalo cinta tak harus memiliki itu bullshit. Buat apa lo cinta tapi nggak memiliki, lo cinta sama bayangan, kalo cinta gak harus memiliki lo jatuh cinta aja sono sama bulan. Buat apa lo cinta sama orang yang nggak cinta sama lo. Lo tuh berharga, lo pantes dicintai. Mendingan lo membuka hati lo untuk dia yang cinta sama lo...."

And thats before they sang Cinta Abadi. Woaaaaah, kind a deep quotes man ! :3

BLP & Mike Mohede at STAN

Its the end Fesbudnus 2012, its been my third time experience it. Every year served me a different show and every year i amazed. If somewhere someday in the future you heard about this event, make sure you free you agenda and go experience it. You wont regret it. :9

P.S. Postingan ini sudah diedit demi menghargai rekan-rekan yang saat ini sudah memutuskan berhijab. Terima kasih :)

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