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March 18th 2012

So.. i went to this restaurant named D'green. Its on the north of Sukabumi, at Selabintana Street. I went here with dad and sister due to my father meeting. Such a cozy place. Its a perfect place to throw a birthday party, to hold a family reunion, to do a Saturday night date, to simply chit-chat with friends or to make a business meeting, like my father did. Dominated in green, like the name, makes this place..standout.

D'greem - Sukabumi

lots of Koi

About the food. They served western, Japanese, and Indonesian food. I tasted a lot, most of them is delicious. Mm.. today i ordered Strawberry Float, Iced Chocolate, Salad, French Fries and Zossizz Jerman.

Strawberry Float and Iced Chocolate

The salad disappointed me. It comes in a big pieces and in separated mayonnaise. So inconvenience. I like the ready-to-eat type. ( Hahaha, you're allowed to called me lazy, by the way.) And its doesn't taste so good. And i forgot the price. And..ah :(

The Zossizz Jerman is actually good, its like a sausage with yummy sauce. I lost the picture, so sorry ( T_T ), but i remember the price, its Rp39.000,00.  

Its actually quite fast from the time we order til the food come. But i warn you, on Saturday Night or when breaking the fast time, it will takes long til your order finished. 

Okay, i dont know what to say anymore, so.. see you ! :3

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