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March 24th 2012

Es Campur Nugraha.
If you visited Sukabumi, make sure you try this legendary Es Campur. The name 'Nugraha' taken from the location they sell, Nugraha Alley.

This place is already open since i was a kid. I remember it clearly how i amazed by the Ice Shaving. Like a magical tool for me. And you know, the machine they used today is still the same with the one that amazed back then. Super Wow.

Es Campur Nugaraha - Sukabumi

For a bowl of pleasure, you only need to pay Rp5.000,00 (if im not mistaken, actually i was confuse whether is 5000 or 6000 n_n' ).  Usually, there's a bakso seller in this alley, but i went there too late so the bakso was already out of stock. :(

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