Sadinten di Sukabumi

12:45:00 AM

March 24th 2012

This event took place at BBPAT buliding. Since i went there quite late, i thought its already finished but lucky me, the event still on though i missed almost all the show. 

If you wanna know more about this event, go visit  Shevani's blog 

Sadinten di Sukabumi

The first thing that caught my eyes was..the coffee stall. It is a local brand named Villa Coffee. Its actually nice to see the big-yet-old coffee grinder and the way Barista made the coffee. 

Villa Coffee

And then there's a small photo exibition by FOTOKAMI. Such a good work :)

Fotokami photos 

Some stall is closed already, but this two still remain, Batu Aji and Horn Handicraft. The horn handicraft is actually familiar to me. Back then, my grandfather made this too. In fact, the one that i saw today was my grandfather's neighbor. 

Batu Aji

Horn Handicraft

To our surprise, i met some friends here. There's A Valdi, Alien, Ferdian and Teh Syifa. After some talk, and after enjoying some song, i left this place. 

And, its time to go home..:)

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