Odew birthday :)

9:15:00 PM

Happy happy happy birthday my Odew and Onni :D

Two important person in my life having their moment today. First my brother, my only brother. The most handsome boy alive in my family. He's now 9 years old. Be good my dear. Lots of love, pray and wishes for you. :)

Second is my Onni. Titik, my super best friend, the one to whom i shared my college life with. Been together for almost three years and not one day past without sharing to each other.

Ah, this day i spend it for finding perfect gift for my brother. One shop to another, i was finally found a perfect skateboard for him. Its so nice to make him a surprise. To see how he cutely embarrassed as he blown the candle, to see how he excited to open the gift and to see his smile as he finished opening and saw whats inside  of it.

God, its such a really nice day.

Thank you, and wish You hear all my-our prayer. Especially for this two birthday person ! :D 

me and my birthday brother

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  1. aww you guys look cute. Happy birthday to Odem!

    Thanks for visiting my blog,



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