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Warning : This is a long post :D

March, 9th - 11th 2012

So, finally my dorm-mate (dorm? well, actually i didn't find a suitable translate for kostan. so i used dorm :p ) came to Sukabumi. Its been planned before the holiday so i was ready to show Sukabumi to them ! hahaha

I welcome you girls :)

They arrived at 9.30 pm, so i picked them up and directly went to the nearest seafood stall from bus station. They were starving ! haha

Its on the weekend, Bogor-Sukabumi was on the peak of traffic. Its kind a sad because its the first impression for them to Sukabumi. And its not a good one, its traffic. They told me how bored they were on the bus. They also told me some giggling moment when Titik seduced by thugs. hahaha

Raja Seafood Sukabumi

Its Raja seafood, i actually never been to this place before. But some give a good review for this place, so its kind a okay to bring them there. Next to this stall there're a surabi seller. A plus point ! I order surabi and colenak for them. And they like it <3

Colenak and Surabi Keju

Oh yeah. I haven't mention who they are. Its Titik, Retno, Uma and Mona. Too bad Ratih couldn't join us due to her mother birthday. Well.. Happy birthday Tanteeee :D

Dea arrived late at night. I forgot the time. She 's with Tiko, her boyfriend. This was unexpected. At first she couldn't make it, but Thank God, with a help of Tiko, she's finally made it to my house. hehe 

The next day we went to Cikidang. We're about to have some adventure in Citarik River. yaaaay ! I told you this, the view to this place is amazing ! So green ! :D

Arus Liar parking lot

I have to tell you again.. its weekend. This rafting place is on their busiest time. I was shocked when we reach the parking lot. Lots of cars = Lots of people. Most of them is Jakarta residence. Well, they really know how to spent their weekend then :p 

Arus Liar - Sukabumi

This place is a well organized place, even they have a International safety standard. So no need to worry. Its raining when we went there, and when we asked whether its okay or not to doing rafting, they said "Its okay, the water level is still normal. We never allow anyone if we think, due to our standard and observation, will cause them anything danger." Huwoooo..

You want to know more about this place? Go visit www.arusliar.co.id 

unique receptionist

There's actually five rafting site in this river. Arus Liar, Kaki langit, Cheeroke, Caldera and another one...i forgot the name. :(  On this occasion i choose Arus Liar, i cant compare because..i never experience the other. In fact, this is my first time doing rafting. hohoho

And...It was AMAZING !!!

I cant close my mouth during it, its amazed me so much. I like it ! SO MUCH ! 
We took a 5km rafting and it felt not enough. Really, i addicted to this. There's two guide on my boat and they did they job very well. During the rafting, i saw biawak (a huge lizard..i used to called it the son of crocodile) on rocks. So when the guide took a side, stopped, and gave us a chance to swim.. i asked them whether its okay or not. Im not gonna swim if there're a chance to get bitten by biawak. They said its okay,  they choose this place for us to swim because this part of river is save. The biawak didn't come here. Soooo, i swam. Its fun really. They taught us how to swim against the flow. :D

Horaaaaaaaay >_<

The moment after rafting, they gave us dawegan, a young coconut. Woow, i didn't realized that i was thirsty until they give me that and i was about to drain it up. Hahaha, good service Arus Liar :D

To reach the starting site, we used a pick up car. And the road is..amazing. I was holding on so tight cause its kind a scary, such an up and down road. Arrived at the starting site, they give us meal in a prasmanan way, like all you can it. Another good service i admire you, Arus Liar :)

Our journey continued to Vihara Nan Hai Kwan Im. Its near Pelabuhan Ratu beach. I might say that the beach there is awesome, virgin and clean. Such a good thing too see. hehe

the beach

The place is a bit desolated. The road is is small and we didn't see much car in the way. But when arrived, there's a lot people. There's even a hotel and food stall there, like a normal tourism site. 

Oh ! Dea and Tiko left after rafting, they went to Bandung for some occasion. Too bad they didn't come cause my dad really want to show this to them, as a joke by the way. haha

Dilarang berpacaran ( No dating allowed )

Okay, here's some picture of the vihara. Enjoy :)

Vihara Nan Hai Kwan Im - Sukabumi

Its such a beautiful place, isn't it ? :)
Oh well, the rumors are true. They said, it the best place to see sunset. And yup, it is ! hehe

We had a night in Cleopatra hotel, after eating and taking bath. We started Pajama's party til we fall a sleep in a weird pose. haha

Pelabuhan Ratu Beach - Sukabumi

In the morning, we went to the beach. Too bad the beach is in tide condition. We weren't able to swim. But hey, we're still able to take some picture ! :3

Tide Beach

our gang :p

I lost my sandals, the wave took it from me. So i went to hotel..barefoot. Aaaaaand, we swam ! Hahahaha, its a matter of satisfaction to finally get Uma to the water. HAHAHAHA

After eating fishball, we checked out and went to my house. In the evening, we went to Wisata Kulinet Selamat for dinner. Time to introduce them to..tutut ! haha 

For you who dont know, tutut is a mini snail. It doesn't look that creepy, really. Its eatable, its delicious, even its good for heath, contains high protein and calcium. hehe 

Its like Pujasera in Bandung, a place where you can find various food in a friendly price. We ordered so much there. From surabi, tutut, juices, Sop sum-sum, creepes, timbel, risoles, sekoteng, etc. I felt like full-tank ! haha

Our foods

We went to Bintaro at 10 pm. On our way we saw a city light in Puncak, beautiful. I didn't took some picture because..i was so sleepy, hehe. Next time i'll show you how beautiful puncak is. okaaay?

So, its the end of Raihaners in Sukabumi. Sayonaraaaa ~

P.S. Postingan ini sudah diedit demi menghargai rekan-rekan yang saat ini sudah memutuskan berhijab. Terima kasih :)

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