Holland Bakery (?)

9:52:00 PM

March 4th 2012

It funny for me to visited this place. Why? Because..its like a copycat of various brand !

Holland Bakery

On our way back to Sari's house, we wanted to bought some bread or cakes for her family. And this place is located on our way. So we stopped and visited this place. Actually, i was confused of the real name of this place. Like three shop in one place. Mister Burger, Don-O donuts and Holland bakery.

Don-O donuts

Forget the Mister burger. I dont know what it similiar to because the place is outside and we didn't visited it, just passing it and we didn't try it, so i cant say how it tasted or look. But i guess burger is quite the same everywhere right? So again, forget it.


Tiramissu Jco wanna be

like oreology Jco right?

Inside the shop there're two or even three different product genre. First is Indonesian traditional snack, no problem with it. Second is..Don-O donuts. Not only the look, but also the name of each donuts is similar to Jco donuts. You can see it above. Oh how i regret not to bought it. I cant tell the taste T___T

Holland Bakery?

And the last is..bread. Really, if you see it directly..it really is Breadtalk wanna be. The name of every bread, the decoration, even the name tag of the bread is the same, hmm..similiar. They also sell mexican bun, i'd like to say it similiar to Roti boy, but well..mexican bun is a well know type of bread right now. From Papa Buns or even the one that Superindo bakery sell is quite similiar. I do tasted this one, and it taste good. :3

When i check the receipt, the name of the shop is..BE LIVING. 
Be-lieve-ing? In what? That u're copycat? Rrrgghh...even your name confused me. Good thing your bread taste good. If not, i might have said bad thing, ehe-he-he :P

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