Keraton Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat

7:33:00 PM

March 4th 2012

Keraton uyeeeee !!

We went there on time, so we didn't miss the traditional dance which is only held on Sunday. I saw two performance and both of it is awesome :3

Me and Hesna

Gamelan Keraton Jogjakarta

You know, everything in Keraton is sacral. For example, this hall can only used for certain people, and you're not allowed to turn your back on it. And, the gamelan, only certain people who can play it, this also apply to the dancer and the servant. Abdi Dalam is what they called for people who serve with their own will for Sultan, and they aren't paid for it.

the traditional dance

There're a lot of foreigner watching this dance. They even filmed it and i feel like sooooooo proud to be Indonesian..hehe

The first one is solo male dance. The dancer do it well, and with the help of the traditional music, it becomes great.  You gotta experience the shudder feeling when watching it, indeed.

Keraton Dance

The second one is female group dance. Well, its unique for me to saw the dancer in various age, from teenager to mature woman. But they blend in the dance and shows us a beautiful show. The dance ended when dzuhur, 12 o'clock. 

You see those beautiful picture above? Its Agung's masterpiece. The moment the dance ended, the camera was out of battery. So, from now, its my handycam product, so sorry for the different quality guys :p

I met this cute lil baby. Look at her blue eyes, Oh me want it !! Would you be my baby, girl? :3 .Too bad the mother (or grant?) didn't speak English.  I tried to ask her name, but she didn't answer..fufufu~

Ah, and i hate that picture. I looked like a pregnant woman, it the clothes and wind ! Believe me T_T

We took a tour inside with Agung as a tour guide. I saw the Sultan stuff, from the eldest generation til now. Ugh..really, the Sultan is well prepared to be a leader. He's educated, smart and love his people. This is what happen if you lead with no intention for money, they will love you, trust you,  and support your policy.

We're so tired, really.. this past days we're lack of rest. So we decided to take a nap first before visiting other tourism site. But Agung suggested us to lunch first, he had a perfect place to go. See ya there :D

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