Soto Kudus Gadjah Mada

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March 4th 2012

So, Agung took us to this place, Soto Kudus Gadjah Mada. I forget the exact location, sorry T_T. But i'm pretty sure it still in Jogjakarta. hehehe #plakplak

The decoration is well enough. I love the touch of the wood in it, like somehow balancing the coldness from white colored wall and tile. 

Soto Kudus Gadjah Mada - Jogjakarta

Mmm...i like soto kudus. But only like, not added "so much". I can eat it, but not really my favorite. Until now, i never eat soto kudus until the last drop of the broth like i did in this place. This food is so delicious !! :D

Soto Kudus

You know, sutu kudus have this trademark..the bowl and the spoon must be like you see above. its a MUST. Originally, the rice and the soto is mix in one bowl. But i dont like to eat like that. I dont know,  like somehow rice should stand alone, or with dry company, liquid have to get their own place. Weird? I know.

Complement food

Besides soto, they're also serve some other food. I'd like to called it complement food, because you eat this while enjoying soto, hehe. Mendoan, perkedel, tahu, sate, are some of them. This complement food is usually exist in every soto kudus place. Another trademark? well..maybe.


Oh yeeee, i tried this. I was curious because i didn't know the name, its Saparella. Agung told me that Saparella is like a traditional cola. When i tasted it, its similar to A&W rootbeer, and i dont like it -____-

Hesna with her food 

Now lets talk about price. I captured the price list, can you see it below?

In case you cant read it due to the quality of the picture, i'll tell you now. For soto kudus, it costs Rp 5.000 for mix bowl, Rp6.000 for separated bowl (like i did). The complement food start from Rp500 til Rp3.000. And juice from Rp3.000 til Rp5.000. Oh, those saparella costed me Rp5.000. Super cheap ! Oh jogjakartaaaa~

price list

It was raining when we were eating there, but thank God it stopped the moment we went home. Well, it said that this place have several branches..hmm..i wonder if one of it in Jakarta, i'll have lunch there with no doubt ! hehe 

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