Gunung Kidul - Siung Beach - Baron Beach

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March 5th 2012

Today we went to the beach !!

Hendik and Esa finally arrived in Jogja. So today, we go out as a full team ! Horay horay !!

Its Hendik wishes, it had been decided long before that his first day in Jogja should spent somewhere around beach. I agreed as long as its not Parangtritis beach, i've been there before and i want somewhere new. hehe

a big hole at Gunung Kidul

So the jogja team bring us to Siung beach. It takes three hours from Sari's house. We went there by motorcycle. Can you imagine? Its, hot and hot. I put so much lotion for my skin, i even wear sock. Thank God i had so much things to see on our way there. Like what you see above.

Its at Gunung Kidul, they said it has no name, also they don't know whats inside it. Such a mystery ? Aha. You see, its like a big hole, two very big holes. We cant see what inside it, its quite deep and i was afraid to take a closer look. Maybe there's a cave down there, i guess. Starring at this hole make me imagine a journey to the center of the earth. Perhaps down Dino still exist, who know? Hahaha 

Siung Beach - Jogjakarta

After took some rest and pictures, we continued our journey and finally arrived at Siung Beach. The first word from my mouth was WOW !

Can you see the flag? :) 

Its so beautiful ! The sand, the water, the rock, the hills, the sky, the smells of ocean, the trees..God, you're the best artist ever ! Subhanallah :) 

Me, Esa and his Sarung Bali

Hendik's cove- album-wanna-be picture

We had a lunch together in the small kiosk near the beach. We ordered Mie Goreng and orange juice, like another place in Jogja..its cheap. :)

After shalat, we're finally played around ! The sun was shining so bright so we didn't swim. Cant imagine if we swim in that kind of weather. Tanned i'm sure. And i wont take the risk Farrah Quinn mad at me cause i copycat her. haha

take shelter

I dont know why we did that -___-

its meee~

Another meeeeee~

We climbed the hills, the rock is actually not so friendly, especially for me. Duh ! Lucky me the boys were there to help. hehehe 


Smile for the camera :D

The Aisyah me ehehehe

I feel like Jack in this spot.  "Im the king of the world !!"

From the hill

Finished enjoying Siung Beach, we went to Baron Beach. We lost for an hour or more on our way there. The jogja team forgot the route ! hehehe

On our way we're passing through several beach like Indrayanti beach and Sundak Beach. Sari said, this beaches has their own specialty. Like Siung with the view and Baron is with the food. you know why we went to Baron Beach. To eat !! :D

Baron Beach - Jogjakarta


Its my Dad superpower. When i told him im going to the beach, he said "Dont swim !" and in the end i didn'y swim, even when i want to -___-

From picyure above you could see that Baron beach has two tone water color, brown and blue. The cliff surrounding it that makes it turns brown. The scary thing is, there's a gap between the cliff and the water. Hard to not imagine if we swim there, got slammed by the waves and pinch into the gap. Eww :(

" Aji, i dont wanna swim here.."
" Then dont, its dangerous. People often die here"

Huwaaaaaaa T__T

Now lets talk about the food. There's a lot small restaurant here but we decided to eat in the nearest tent to the beach. So we went to the small fish market, picked the fish, did bargain, told them to cook in what flavor, and waited till the food is ready. 


Yummy :*

We ordered shrimp, squid, crab, fish ( i forgot the name ) in a big portion. Its so delicious and i ate like crazy. For this supper dinner, each of us costed Rp27.000,00. Hah, if i ate in d'cost..probably i just got..a small portion of shrimp. How i love Jogjakarta..hehe

Matching phone and T-shirt

We take off before maghrib and in our way back we stopped at this lovely place. City light !! :*

Gunung Kidul City Light

hesna was sleeping :)

We ordered Jahe Susu ( Ginger Milk ), talked and took some picture there. We're so exhausted, really. Its such a long journey. Morning til the night !

Ah, you know..even after u wear sock, my feet still tanned. I need Lulur ! ASAP !!! :'(

P.S. Postingan ini sudah diedit demi menghargai rekan-rekan yang saat ini sudah memutuskan berhijab. Terima kasih :)

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