Alun-alun - Angkringan Kopi Joss

10:28:00 PM

Still March 4th 2012

After took a nap and salat magrib we we're ready to enjoy Jogjakarta night ! hehe

We went to Alun-alun Kidul to experience Masangin which is masuk diantara dua beringin, or masuk antara dua arah mata angin. Oke the point is.. we have to walk through the two bayan (beringin) trees with eyes close. Sounds easy? You have to try it your self.

When i tried first i walked straight and looked promising..but in the end, i went to the left and i failed. Hesna was the same, but she's to the right. Sari is the weirdest, she's walk straight and suddenly turn back to the starting point. hmmh -___-

It said that if we're able to walk through it, or dream will come true.

In Jogjakarta, bayan is a sacred tree. Its believed that every bayan tree has their own guardian and only certain people like Sultan who could planted it. This iconic two bayan has their own legend too. This tree is used to make Netherlands army lost direction so they couldn't reach Keraton.  

We're also experience riding modified becak. It has songs and lots of light ! hmm... too bad i lost the picture taken in there. T____T

So, the next destination is angkringan. At first we wanted to tasted Angkringan KR, the famous one. But they didn't open that day ( T__T ) so went when to Angkringan Kopi Joss "Mbak Ita Joss". 

Angkringan Kopi Joss

Nasi Kucing here has two choice, tempe and ikan asin. I tried it both, delicious hehehe

Nasi Kucing

I ate a lot, a real lot. Two nasi kucing, a half nasi bakar, sate, mendoan, tahu, everything ! Good thing its cheap, i'll broke if i did it in Jakarta. hehe

Kopi Joss

Did you ever heard of Kopi Joss?
I tried it there. Its coffee with a unique additional. Its, charcoal. Yes, charcoal. I saw how they made it. At first they made a coffee,  then they set fire to the charcoal, after it turning red they put it in coffee. Voile, its ready !

And i feel its quite the same with the common coffee. Not much different, really. I dont know why this coffee is famous. I even feel kind a scary to drink it. Its carbon you know ! I drank milk after that, for your information.

Oh i love Jogjakarta night. Its so..friendly. And i love angkringan, i love nasi kucing, i love lesehan, i love eat a lot ! hahahaha >____<

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