Beringharjo and Oyot Gondhong Resto

9:24:00 PM

March 6th 2012

Today we went to Beringharjo to bought some souvenir. Beringharjo is a traditional market which is commonly known as a batik central. Such a crowded place. If you have a plan to go here, make sure you bring mineral water, put your money in a save place, and mentally prepared to bargain, indeed.

I bought some shirt for sisters and brother, Ah ! i bought a couple shirt for my parent. Cant wait til they wear it together ! hehe Hesna, Hendik and Sari also bought some batik. I envy Hesna who bought a couple batik. :(

Oyot Gondong Resto - Jogjakarta

Finished shopping, we went to Mirota batik (again), to Oyong Gondhong Cafe and Pub exactly. Its the same place where we watched the Transgender Cabaret. But today we went there to lunch, no more show, just food. 

The price list

The place is quite cozy and the price still friendly. I ordered Bakmi Jawa Goreng and Susu Perawan Tancep. Sounds ridiculous eh? I know hehe 

Susu perawan tancep
Semok ( Susu Mocca )

The Bakmi Jawa is delicious, but nothing special on it. The drink is..awesome. I dont know why, but the Susu Perawan Tancep tasted like a nostalgia for me, remind me of my childhood. Though i didn't remember if i ever tasted this drink before. So weird. Eh, Semok tasted good too. :)

Finished eating, done talking and enough resting..we went to an ice cream cafe. Cant wait to tell you soon :)

P.S. Postingan ini sudah diedit demi menghargai rekan-rekan yang saat ini sudah memutuskan berhijab. Terima kasih :)

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  1. Hi, i really wanna know where's Oyong Gondhong Cafe exactly located?

  2. hi,
    it's at jalan malioboro, in Mirota Batik third floor. :)


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