Finest Salad in Town

6:41:00 PM

While waiting my sister practiced, i took a tour and order some food at Hotel Taman Sari Sukabumi. Been here so many time due to my sister's swimming contest preparation, i finally get to know this place.

Hotel Taman Sari - Sukabumi

Taman Sari is the only star-rated hotel in Sukabumi. Thats why, most of guest star for some event in sukabumi, including my school art exhibition, will stay in this place. Its located at Jalan Suryakencana No.12 Sukabumi. This hotel has some facilities like..swimming pool, Teratai cafe and karaoke, Sun flower restaurant, Billiard, Fitnes and Spa. 

The pool is the cleanest pool in Sukabumi, really, i can opened my eyes in water without getting vampire-like  eyes afterward. The fitness and spa is quiet, which is good for me. I dont like people watching me in sweat. haha 

Sun Flower Restaurant

Taman sari salad

Naaah, and here comes the salad.
May bad, i forgot the price. (-___-) Well, in my opinion, this is the finest salad in Sukabumi. I've tried the fruit salad and the Taman sari salad. Both are delicious. I dont have any problem in eating vegetable if it always taste that. hehe 

So, enough for now. I'll update this post when i remember the price :D


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