Gudeg, Bakpia and farewell Jogja..

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March 7th 2012

This is the last day of my Jogjakarta trip. Today plan gudeg, bought bakpia, went to the bus station and said goodbye to Jogjakarta. haaa..its kind a sad :(

Gudeg B. Djuminten- Jogjakarta

First thing first, we went to Gudeg B. Djuminten to eat. Really, the tour in Jogjakarta isn't complete til we eat gudeg. Agree people? :D



the menu

I ordered Nasi Gudeg + suwiran, and i like it so much. This surprise me, cause i never like gudeg before this, except the one that Urri's mother made. hehe

Nasi Gudeg Suwiran

So, i feel like..proud to my self. Cause back then, i only eat what i knew, what i used to eat. Now that i can enjoy some traditional food, yet foreign food is something that makes me relieve. I adapted well, so if one of you want to bring me overseas..i'm easy to feed ! haha 

Wedang Tahu

Sari bought some drink called wedang tahu, at first it looks like Bubur Sumsum. But the taste is so much different. The ginger makes this drink felt warm. Quite yummy :)

I love the painting !!

Finished eating, we went to Kurnia Sari Outlet. Its on Jalan Ringroad Utara Jogjakarta. I've tasted several bakpia brand, and i'd like to say that..this brand is the best. Super thanks to Jogja team who brought me there. The bakpia is so soft and delicious. For 15 pieces cost Rp22.500,00 and for 20 pieces Rp30.000,00. They are ready in several flavor like chocolate, cheese, milk, kacang hijau and kumbu hitam. When i gave it for family, all of them said its like no other bakpia. Maknyuuuuuuus :D

Hesna and me at Kurnia Sari outlet

While me and Hesna waited til the departure time came, we talked and had some snack in Sari's house. To my surprise, Aji gave us some goody bag. There're bakpia, gudeg and kipo inside. Wanna know kipo is? 


Yup, thats Kipo. Small, delicious and addictive. I ate it on my way back home, yummy ! hehe the end of my journey in Jogjakarta. Hope you enjoy it too, reader. I'll see you soon :D

P.S. Postingan ini sudah diedit demi menghargai rekan-rekan yang saat ini sudah memutuskan berhijab. Terima kasih :)

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