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March 4th 2012

Well, today i went to Sunday Morning (SunMor) at Universitas Gadjah Mada with Puput and Hesna. Its a routine event in UGM. This event take place in Notonegoro street and started from 5 til 12 o'clock. 

SunMor UGM

Its quite the same with Pekan Raya Jengkol in STAN. The differences are only in time and size. Well, later i'll tell you about that.


We went there about 8 o'clock and i was amazed. So much things to take a look ! 
There's a various stuff traded here. From food, clothes, bags, books, herbal medicine, balloons, hwaaah.. if only i didn't plan on visiting Malioboro, i'll bought a lot in here. hohoho

The plus point are..this event organized well and clean and everything 's cheap. Yeah, you know.. Jogjakarta. 

I met several friend here. And i was surprise that they still remember me. hahaha

From them i know that, not only the 'pure' seller that join this event, the 'fake' seller which is UGM student also join this event as a seller. They do that for the sake of their KKN. One of my friend who will KKN in Kalimantan even sold his clothes, bake some cake and made some drink to get money to run his program. huwoooo, coolness. 

We had breakfast there. Puput took us to tasted Nasi Balap. Its Lombok's food, but i ate that in Jogjakarta zzzz~

Yup, its lesehan. While waiting for the food, there's a lot of student singing, i guess its the other way to get money for their KKN. Hoo, i don't experience KKN, it looks so fun T__T

Hesna , me and Puput

So, i ate Nasi balap. Its delicious, mm..spicy. The portion is quite small but i didn't eat it all cause i cant stand the sambal. There's several complement food to choose..scramble egg, sate ati ampela, tempe, and bakwan. My question is..why is it called Nasi Balap? Anyone?

Nasi Balap Lombok

complement food

Thanks to the complement food, i was full tank. Mm..talking about price. Nasi balap cost Rp 6.000 , the complement cost from Rp 500 - 2500. Cheap enough? :D

On our way back i bought Danboo figure for Rp 15.000. But i lost it somewhere -___-

And, there's also a 60 minutes for earth campaign ! Whohoho, i suddenly remember the debate three years ago. *sigh* 

Me, Hesna and Esa

To my another surprise i met Esa in parking lot. He just arrived in Jogja and he's with his friend. So let say  take a picture and go haha

We're back to Puput's room , pack up stuff and went to Sari's house. Agung is already on his way to took us to Keraton ! Woooo..see you soon !

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